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Monday, July 2, 2012

wedding: doc martens, fishnets & red lipstick

last week was my 32nd birthday and i wrote a list of 32 things about myself.  at the last minute i added the fact that i wore doc martens, fishnets and red lipstick and it got the most interest in the comments.  being as i'm someone who likes to give people what they want, i give you:

doc martens/fishnets

red lipstick

i chose doc marten boots (from zappos) because i grew up in the 90's and always wore docs.  i also got married in march in chicago.  they kept my feet warm and i didn't run the risk of falling down.  i wore fishnets because i thought they were fun.  i wanted the smaller eyelet but as i was madly shopping for them at hot topic (because doesn't everyone shop for their wedding attire there?) two days before the wedding the bigger was all i could find.  

as for the red lipstick, it came into play once i chose how i was going to do my hair.  i have a pixie and i didn't want to grow my hair out for my wedding.  a pixie is me and i wanted my wedding to be a reflection of that.  instead a girl i worked with found a picture of finger waves and i fell in love.  the model in the picture had on red lipstick and i knew i had to too.  my hair turned out awesome on the day but i did need to grow it out a bit.  i had nick carter from the backstreet boys circa 1996 hair when it wasn't done up.  not good.  i still have a pixie but my hair isn't that color any more.  too pricey.

i hope you enjoyed this peek into my wedding.  i see a lot of wedding recaps out there and i read every single one of them.  i can't imagine making posts of mine.  they look like too much work.  maybe someday.  

~poptart yogini~

Thursday, June 28, 2012

years: 32!

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it's my birthday!!  i love birthdays.  i love my birthday, i love your birthday, i love presents, i love cake and i love celebrating.  in honor of my birthday, here are 32 (yikes!) things about me to celebrate my 32 years:

  1. i am the oldest child
  2. i have a sister and a brother
  3. i love having a summer birthday
  4. i was not made in the USA
  5. i was made in the bahamas
  6. i gave my mother horrible heartburn and migraines every afternoon when she was pregnant
  7. i'm named after mary tyler moore on the dick van dyke show because my dad had a crush 
  8. my mom went into labor on june 27th but i thought the 28th suited me better
  9. john elway, kathy bates, mel brooks and john cusak were all born on june 28th
  10. when i was a kid i'd rather listen to my record player and color than watch tv
  11. i was one week old when i slept through the night and scared my mom half to death
  12. when i found out i was having a baby sister i'd say 'no babyeeee'
  13. now my sister is my best friend
  14. i was obsessed with the babysitter's club
  15. i played bass clarinet through my senior year of high school
  16. i turned 16 in austria
  17. i went to purdue university for my undergrad
  18. i was an english lit major
  19. i have minors in political science, women's studies and religious studies
  20. i went on academic probation in law school
  21. i'm a member of the illinois state bar
  22. i made king louie chase me for nine months before i would go out with him
  23. i am 20 days older than king louie
  24. my college boyfriend had piercings and tattoos
  25. i went back stage at a concert and jared leto said 'hi' to me (he is short)
  26. i'm afraid of heights and parking garages
  27. i walked the runway once in a hair fashion show
  28. hipsters and hippies give me a headache
  29. if it isn't on sale, i won't buy it
  30. i'm not afraid to wear crocs
  31. i am a lover of rabbits and still sleep with a bunny stuffed animal named booey
  32. i wore white doc marten boots, fishnets and red lipstick on my wedding day
happy birthday to me!  feel free to eat cake to celebrate.

~poptart yogini~

    Tuesday, June 26, 2012

    milestone: 100

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    so today is my 100th post.  since i started my blog back in january i can honestly say that i still feel like i have no idea what i'm doing.  i've tried and failed to insert video.  i don't feel like my pictures are all that great when i actually take the time to take some and often i feel like i'm really boring.  my blog page is simply the blogger template.  however, i've also met some really wonderful people and now i can put buttons on my blog without pulling my hair out.  for this i am thankful.  

    i'm also very excited to share some exciting news.  it isn't my exciting news, it is king louie's but i'm going to spill the beans anyway.  last week i posted on how the week was a doozy and the reason for it was that king louie was in the final stages of interviewing for a new job.  on friday he found out he got it.  throughout the rest of the post if i mention that 'we' got a job it is honestly because i feel like i went through the interview process too.  it is not for the faint of heart.  if your or a loved one is job searching, please feel free to lean on me for support.  i know it is tough.

    king louie started job searching a little more than a year ago.  thank heavens he had a job so it wasn't as desperate of a situation as it could have been but watching my spouse being miserable at work was gut wrenching.  king louie is one of those people who is good at everything and everyone likes him.  he was in the top of his class in high school.  he excelled in baseball and even played in college.  he got college and law school scholarships.  when he wanted a job in milwaukee, he got one.  when he needed a new job in chicago before we got married, he got one of those too.  then as time when on he felt unappreciated.  he felt incompetent.  he felt that he couldn't do anything right.  he felt like he was a disappointment.  he hated the commute into the city.  he would feel sick to his stomach on sunday nights.  he was a sad sack of potatoes.  once he started job searching he felt all those things at work as well as feeling rejected.  he felt like he wasn't qualified to do anything.  he felt like he was a bottom of the barrel, dime a dozen attorney who was unhireable (i just learned that unhireable is not a word.  it is now).  he would send out resumes and he wouldn't hear anything back.  he even went on quite a few interviews, we'd get our hopes up and then it wouldn't work out or he wouldn't hear back.  honest to goodness there are two jobs he interviewed for that i guess he is still technically in the running for because no one ever got back to him to tell him he didn't get the job.  seriously, just email the poor kid back and reject him.  it is better than being ignored.

    back when i went into treatment  king louie was the epitome of what supportive should be.  i thought of his job search as my turn to be there for him.  i did my best to be loving and understanding and a cheerleader when i needed but also give tough love, no one said this was going to be easy support as well.  he even said that when i came home from treatment i got to start over.  it is true.  i said goodbye to the law once and for all and went to work a job where my dad is the boss and therefore everyone has to like me.  he stayed at a job that he didn't like and where he'd fallen behind taking care of me.  i like to believe that my support helped him through his tough time just like his support helped me.

    and so we're starting a new chapter in our lives with a new job.  it is in the suburbs and in an area of law that king louie enjoys and thrives in.  there is a raise in salary.  this is always a good thing but it is especially good because one of our goals is to have kids.  it was our agreement that i would stay home with them and this job will allow us to do that.  it is a good, good thing.

    it is funny how going through something like this makes me realize how lucky i am.  i had family, friends and other bloggers praying for king louie.  it was so exciting to send the big 'he got it' email.  i'm so genuinely blessed that it blows me away sometimes.  

    God is good.

    here's to 100 more!

    ~poptart yogini~

    Sunday, June 24, 2012

    sunday: social

    Sunday Social

    last week i did my first sunday social.  king louie had so much fun listening to the questions and hearing my answers that this week he decided to play along.  it so made my day!  here we go:

    What is your all-time favorite song?

    poptart yogini:

    my all time favorite song is seek up by dave matthews and tim reynolds (live at luther college).
    currently,  i'm also loving hallelujah by rufus wainwright and closer by kings of leon.

    king louie:

    he should probably say fluffhead by phish but ramble on by led zeppelin is a very close second.

    What is your favorite singer/band?

    poptart yogini:

    my favorite band is afi.  i love davey havok's voice and the amped up punk beats.  it is just so intoxicating.

    king louie:

    phish.  he listened to the disc a live one his freshman year of high school and has been completely addicted ever since.  he's listen to well over 700 concerts.  give him a date and he'll tell you what city they played in.

    What is your theme song/song that best describes your life?

    poptart yogini:

    kiss me in the morning by mr. blotto (chicago local band).  i think any day is bearable so long as king louie kisses me in the morning.  it was also the first song at our wedding.

    king louie:

    ants marching by the dave matthews band.  he hears it every day as he walks from the train to his building downtown. 

    What songs put you in a good mood?

    poptart yogini:
    the final countdown by europe.  cracklin' rose by neil diamond.  here we come by the monkees.  vehicle by the ides of march.  give me everything by pitbull.  anything by the cars.  Christmas music.

    king louie:

    i just can't wait to be king from the lion king.   danza kuduro by don omar (it reminds us of vacation).  power of love by huey lewis.  might as well by the grateful dead as sung by mr. blotto.  any kind of lover also by mr. blotto.  last but not least, i wanna be like you from the jungle book (duh).
    What is your favorite road-trip music?

    poptart yogini:
    i like to flip through the local radio stations.  i get a kick out of local commercials and what songs are popular in different cities.

    king louie:

     when he drove down to florida with a friend they listened to 90's dance music, sugar ray and the beach boys. 

    What song are you embarrassed to admit you love?

    poptart yogini:

    livin' la vida loca by ricky martin.  

    king louie:

    while several songs by katy perry and ke$ha come to mind, he has
    to admit he loves domino by jessie j. 

    i hope you feel like you know king louie and me a little bit better.  if you're curious about mr. blotto, please visit here.

    Thursday, June 21, 2012

    week: it's a doozy

    i'm having a week where nothing and everything is happening all at once.  so far i've learned:

    my stomach goes a little nuts when it is 95 degrees for more than three consecutive days

    waiting for something to happen takes a lot of patience.  i do not possess said patience.  now that what i'm waiting for is here i feel numb to all emotion.  i want it so badly that i won't let myself feel excitement because not getting it will be more devastating than i can handle.

    i want to be the best support for king louie.  he's alwys been solid as a rock for me and i pray that i'm returning the favor.  it isn't easy.  i want to say the right thing and do the right thing and take all his stress away.  i want him to feel smart, successful, capable and worthy.  i want to him to see all his potential.  i want him to see himself as i see him.  he isn't pefect but he is amazing.  i want him to know that.

    my family is amazing.  i'm serious.  if you ever need to get a prayer chain going let me know.  my grandma will start motoring on her rosary.  never underestimate the power of a catholic convert.

    i let my fear get in the way of things that i want and that i'm capable of.  last night in yoga my teacher helped me into a headstand and then let me go.  i'm strong enough to hold it on my own but i'm afraid.  as a result, my fear is holding me back.

    i can be really mean.  it usually sounds like i'm being funny.  in fact, if you met me you would probably think i'm hilarious.  however, i find myself being funny at other people's expense.  wouldn't this make me a bully?  it kind of boggles my mind.  that's not at all who i set out to be.  i like being funny.  i like making people laugh.  i don't want to do it in a mean and gossipy way.  this is presenting quite a challenge.

    see what i mean?  it's been quite the week.  i need things to resolve themselves so i can breathe again.  i'd also like a nap and a weekend and a million dollars.

    Tuesday, June 19, 2012

    life: lately

    well, there hasn't been a whole lot special going on recently so i'm going to catch you up on the day to day.  

    after work on thursdays i visit with a good friend.  king louie plays on a thursday night softball team and her boyfriend works west coast hours.  we sit and chat and tell each other we're always right no matter the situation.  after that i head to yoga.  i got home from yoga around 8:15 and was more than ready for my frozen burrito.  my flowers were giving me the evil eye and i tried to ignore them but they wouldn't let me.  i watered the back yard and then schlepped the hose into the front.  there was a kink.  i attempted to shimmy shake the kink out.  i don't know why i bother.  it never works.  i went over to the hose and unkinked it.  as a result i got a face full of water.  the hose sprung a leak and i got it right in the kisser.  it sprayed our neighbor's car and it sprayed the neighbor's house and it shot ten feet in the air as i attempted to water the flowers.  cars slowed down to watch.  once again i was that crazy lady on the corner.

    on saturday we went to the home depot.  do you know what we bought?  very good.  a new hose.  we bought a good one.  it is guaranteed not to kink.  we will see.  on our way to our next stop it started raining.  hard.  i didn't think much of it.  it blew in, wreaked havoc, and was gone in about twenty minutes.  when we drove back into our neighborhood we saw scenes like this:

    there was wind damage every where.  we held our breath and turned down our street.  thank heavens for no damage.
    sunday was a wonderful celebration of my dear old dad.  we are so goofy when we get together.  my brother had my sister laughing so hard she was crying.  i could tell my dad loved it.  i brought my camera to take pictures and didn't take one.  i'm a horrible picture taking blogger.  i can only hope my boring stories will make up for my lack of pictures.  i don't hold out much hope.
    as i type this i am getting my oil changed.  don't be jealous.  my life is just that exciting.
    ~poptart yogini~

    Sunday, June 17, 2012

    sunday: social

    i was so sad that i missed the first week of this sunday link up.  i'm hopping on the band wagon for week #2.

    Sunday Social

    Favorite movie of all time?

    forrest gump.  tom hanks is awesome, there's an amazing soundtrack and it is a brief american history.  i don't watch it very often though because it is quite long and i have trouble sitting still through movies.

    Favorite movie quote? 

     "there's no place like home".  i'm a homebody and am happiest when i'm at home with king louie.

    Best movie to watch for a girls night in?

    i don't do a lot of girls nights in.  the last movie i watched with a friend was twilight.  that is definitely a girly movie however after i saw it i had king louie watch it with me and he liked it too.

    Best breakup movie?

    originally good will hunting popped into my head and i'm not sure why.  possibly because it has an awesomely moody soundtrack.  elliot smith sure knows how to make your heart hurt.

    Favorite celeb eye candy?

    wes bentley.  oh my.  i just told king louie this question.  he picked jessica rabbit.  i think we may have a serious problem here.

    Which movie star's closet would you want to raid?

    jessica biel.  she's got a casual vibe going on that i really like.  plus she's plain gorgeous.  would i get her bod, too?

    well, this was grand fun.  king louie is already ready looking forward to answering the questions next week.

    ~poptart yogini~