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Thursday, May 10, 2012

story: the bombsquad

today ends life as i know it until the end of july.  king louie starts softball.  his thursday night league is with the guys from our street.  their team name is the bomb squad.  here's why:

it was a little after 10 p.m. on march 31, 2009 and king louie and i were lighting the world on fire on the couch vegging away when we heard our doorbell ring.  we are usually ignore the doorbell kind of people but that late at night our curiosity was piqued.  i sent king louie upstairs to answer it and he was gone for awhile.  i started to get a little worried and met him in our living room.  apparently it was the police who rang our doorbell and they told king louie to lock our doors and stay away from the windows.  needless to see that nosy neighbor me flew to the window and looked outside.  our street was barricaded by police cars on both ends and we could see officers going up and down the street on foot.  our darn house is at the end of the block and we didn't have a good view as to what was going on out there.  i was fascinated by the event unfolding in front of my eyes and amused by king louie running around with the biggest knife from our butcher block.  what on earth did he think he was going to do with that if we were attacked?!  we watched for quite awhile.  eventually i got bored and we went to bed.  in the middle of the night we were awoken by a boom, boom, boom, boom.  the concerned citizen that i am said sleepily to king louie, "did you hear that?".  he said "yes" and we both went back to bed.  by the next morning our street was still covered in police officers and we got the scoop.  on our block lived a single man who believed in urban warfare.  he had dozens of guns (all were legal and registered) and had hit some hard times.  neighbors reported that the night before he started shooting his guns inside his house.  they called the police and there was a stand off between our neighbor and authorities.  neighbors immediately surrounding the house were evacuated in the middle of the night and taken by armored car to a retirement home in the neighborhood.  i'm fairly certain we were far enough away that no one tried to evacuate us.  at that time in the morning they would have had to bust the door down and take me from my bed by force.  the bangs we heard were our neighbor being teargassed out of his house and into custody.  among the authorities called into assist in the situation was the bomb squad.  get it?!  it is a play on words because home runs are called bombs in baseball and occasionally the people on our street get a little unruly and need to be settled down by the bomb squad.  it works on so many levels.

just so you don't think badly of me, i live in the world's most boring suburb on the world's most ordinary street.  our street is known as the one with all the kids because there are families galore.  our neighbor had been going through a tough time with unemployment and i think he reached his limit.  no one on our street was hurt nor was our neighbor or law enforcement.  he's since moved (and did jail time) and a new, young couple moved into the house.  however, the legacy lives on in the name of the bomb squad.  they open their season tonight at 9:40.  they're terrible.  in two seasons they've won less then ten games.  there may only be five wins but i'm giving them the benefit of the doubt.  please help support king louie.  he's been trying to hit a home run and thus far it has eluded him.  i'd love for it to happen this season.

play ball!


  1. Crazy a$$ story right there! Literally crazy! I think it's funny when odd things like this happen on quiet, harmless suburban streets.

  2. Wow, that's a crazy story. I don't know if I would be able to sleep through that! Funny that the softball team named themselves that though. I hope this year is their year!

  3. WOW! That is an absolutely crazy story!

  4. I am sending my support and hope he wins soon, otherwise he you might have another late night barricade because he has taken after his namesake. ;)