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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

milestone: 100

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so today is my 100th post.  since i started my blog back in january i can honestly say that i still feel like i have no idea what i'm doing.  i've tried and failed to insert video.  i don't feel like my pictures are all that great when i actually take the time to take some and often i feel like i'm really boring.  my blog page is simply the blogger template.  however, i've also met some really wonderful people and now i can put buttons on my blog without pulling my hair out.  for this i am thankful.  

i'm also very excited to share some exciting news.  it isn't my exciting news, it is king louie's but i'm going to spill the beans anyway.  last week i posted on how the week was a doozy and the reason for it was that king louie was in the final stages of interviewing for a new job.  on friday he found out he got it.  throughout the rest of the post if i mention that 'we' got a job it is honestly because i feel like i went through the interview process too.  it is not for the faint of heart.  if your or a loved one is job searching, please feel free to lean on me for support.  i know it is tough.

king louie started job searching a little more than a year ago.  thank heavens he had a job so it wasn't as desperate of a situation as it could have been but watching my spouse being miserable at work was gut wrenching.  king louie is one of those people who is good at everything and everyone likes him.  he was in the top of his class in high school.  he excelled in baseball and even played in college.  he got college and law school scholarships.  when he wanted a job in milwaukee, he got one.  when he needed a new job in chicago before we got married, he got one of those too.  then as time when on he felt unappreciated.  he felt incompetent.  he felt that he couldn't do anything right.  he felt like he was a disappointment.  he hated the commute into the city.  he would feel sick to his stomach on sunday nights.  he was a sad sack of potatoes.  once he started job searching he felt all those things at work as well as feeling rejected.  he felt like he wasn't qualified to do anything.  he felt like he was a bottom of the barrel, dime a dozen attorney who was unhireable (i just learned that unhireable is not a word.  it is now).  he would send out resumes and he wouldn't hear anything back.  he even went on quite a few interviews, we'd get our hopes up and then it wouldn't work out or he wouldn't hear back.  honest to goodness there are two jobs he interviewed for that i guess he is still technically in the running for because no one ever got back to him to tell him he didn't get the job.  seriously, just email the poor kid back and reject him.  it is better than being ignored.

back when i went into treatment  king louie was the epitome of what supportive should be.  i thought of his job search as my turn to be there for him.  i did my best to be loving and understanding and a cheerleader when i needed but also give tough love, no one said this was going to be easy support as well.  he even said that when i came home from treatment i got to start over.  it is true.  i said goodbye to the law once and for all and went to work a job where my dad is the boss and therefore everyone has to like me.  he stayed at a job that he didn't like and where he'd fallen behind taking care of me.  i like to believe that my support helped him through his tough time just like his support helped me.

and so we're starting a new chapter in our lives with a new job.  it is in the suburbs and in an area of law that king louie enjoys and thrives in.  there is a raise in salary.  this is always a good thing but it is especially good because one of our goals is to have kids.  it was our agreement that i would stay home with them and this job will allow us to do that.  it is a good, good thing.

it is funny how going through something like this makes me realize how lucky i am.  i had family, friends and other bloggers praying for king louie.  it was so exciting to send the big 'he got it' email.  i'm so genuinely blessed that it blows me away sometimes.  

God is good.

here's to 100 more!

~poptart yogini~


  1. hi there- congrats on your hundredth post and congrats on king louie snagging that new job!

    Is king louie a reference to The Jungle Book by any chance?

    If the answer is yes, we might have to be best friends.

    That's all for now, I'm looking forward to learning more about you!

  2. I'm SO excited for the two of you and this new adventure. Congrats to King Louie! I can totally relate to what he went through. I was searching desperately for jobs in SF while living in Sacramento and nothing worked out. Never heard back after interviews for jobs that I was clearly qualified and a good fit for. It was so demoralizing and ruined what little self-esteem I had left after law school. So I said eff it to the legal world and started my own business. Now the BF is in a similar situation and is almost at his breaking point, too. I'm really excited for the two of you and am so glad to hear things are looking up!

  3. Yay for your 100th post and yay for King Louie!

  4. Congrats to King Louie!!! Sounds like this is much deserved for him! I hope you guys treat yourselves and celebrate this accomplishment! :)

  5. CONGRATULATIONS KING LOUIE!!! This is absolutely wonderful news! I'm so happy and excited for you BOTH! When M was going through the process of finding a job down here, I honestly felt like I was going through it too :)

  6. Hey lady.... we email all the time and I had no idea how similar we are! Law, baseball, unhappy with blog pages, changing jobs.... ummm... call me or gmail chat me.

  7. Oh! That is SUCH good news!! It really helps when someone enjoys their job and the financial bonus certainly helps too, especially when wanting to throw things like kids into the mix. I'm super happy for you!

    Congrats on 100 posts!

  8. WOOHOO!!! Congrats to him!! That is so so exciting!!

  9. Congrats to your husband, what an experience and a great absolution.
    Also, congrats to you on post 100! Here's to 100 more :)

  10. Happy 100 post!! WOOHOO!! Congratulations :)
    What happened to your GFC? I know I was following before & I just followed again...anyways - if you have ANY questions with blogger/blogging PLEASE send me an email or a tweet - I will help <3
    Anyways..God is SO GOOD. So glad that everything is working out for the best and ok <3

  11. YAY!!! Congrats!!! This is such a great post to read - job searching is hard and it does take a lot of support from loved ones. And to have a happy husband who enjoys his job and feels worthwhile and thriving in his career again - perfect!