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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

life: lately

well, there hasn't been a whole lot special going on recently so i'm going to catch you up on the day to day.  

after work on thursdays i visit with a good friend.  king louie plays on a thursday night softball team and her boyfriend works west coast hours.  we sit and chat and tell each other we're always right no matter the situation.  after that i head to yoga.  i got home from yoga around 8:15 and was more than ready for my frozen burrito.  my flowers were giving me the evil eye and i tried to ignore them but they wouldn't let me.  i watered the back yard and then schlepped the hose into the front.  there was a kink.  i attempted to shimmy shake the kink out.  i don't know why i bother.  it never works.  i went over to the hose and unkinked it.  as a result i got a face full of water.  the hose sprung a leak and i got it right in the kisser.  it sprayed our neighbor's car and it sprayed the neighbor's house and it shot ten feet in the air as i attempted to water the flowers.  cars slowed down to watch.  once again i was that crazy lady on the corner.

on saturday we went to the home depot.  do you know what we bought?  very good.  a new hose.  we bought a good one.  it is guaranteed not to kink.  we will see.  on our way to our next stop it started raining.  hard.  i didn't think much of it.  it blew in, wreaked havoc, and was gone in about twenty minutes.  when we drove back into our neighborhood we saw scenes like this:

there was wind damage every where.  we held our breath and turned down our street.  thank heavens for no damage.
sunday was a wonderful celebration of my dear old dad.  we are so goofy when we get together.  my brother had my sister laughing so hard she was crying.  i could tell my dad loved it.  i brought my camera to take pictures and didn't take one.  i'm a horrible picture taking blogger.  i can only hope my boring stories will make up for my lack of pictures.  i don't hold out much hope.
as i type this i am getting my oil changed.  don't be jealous.  my life is just that exciting.
~poptart yogini~


  1. oh no! sorry you got sprayed. i learned my lesson with cheap hoses. i bought a cute orange one from marshal'ls-WORTHLESS.

  2. Sorry you had that hose incident!

  3. whoa. wind damage is right! and I'm so glad you got a non-kink hose. you are too funny. we will need an update on this amazing hose!

  4. What does this hose do? You're going to need to do a full review!

    Learning they make hoses that don't kink is like learning there are sippy cups to promote early speech. Reason #1 I'm not having kids for a zillion years.

  5. Haha, I was laughing imagining the hose incident in my head. That wind damage is crazy! I'm glad your property wasn't touched. I got my oil changed yesterday too, so I'm not jealous, otherwise I would be. ;)

  6. Wow!! What a storm! Too funny about the hose - I remember frustrating days at my mom's house having to water the plants and the damn hose would ALWAYS get kinked. So annoying!

  7. Holy guacamole! That storm definitely had it's way with those trees! I'm so glad your house was okay :) And I'm glad you got some girl time on Thursday night (I did too!). I'm fortunate that I only have to water 2 plants...which one is dying, oops!

  8. I just love that you used the word "kisser." Reminds me of Home Alone. ;)