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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

talent: cat burglar

today is 2 1 12 and therefore a palindrome.  i learned that here.

 yesterday was 55 degrees in the chicagoland area.  for comparison purposes last year at this time we were bracing for 18 inches of snow and feb 2 was a snow day off from work.  my good friend and i decided to take advantage and went for a walk.  we had a good chat and shook the winter cobwebs out a little bit.  when we got back to my house the front door was locked though i left it unlocked.  we were locked out.  my parents live close by but we recently resided and replaced our exterior doors.  they don't have our new keys.  i started to panic while my friend remained cool.  she decided that i was breaking into my house.  i knew one of our bedroom windows was open but i was scared to death.  i grabbed a ladder off my back porch, opened the screen, opened the window, pulled the blinds and wondered how the heck i was going to get my leg high enough to crawl through.  thanks heavens for yoga because i said a prayer and hoisted myself forward.  the next thing i knew i was tumbling on our bed and was inside.  my friend said that the icing on the cake would've been if someone saw us and called the police.

things i learned:

1. i am terrible in a crisis situation

2. my friend is awesome in a crisis situation.  she attributes it to being on the crisis team at her school.

3. when you replace your doors make sure someone else has a copy of a key.

4. while it may seems irresponsible to leave a window unlocked it might come in handy

5. breaking and entering is a lot easier than i imagined though it leaves bruises on your shins

6. my friend and i find ourselves in more pickles than lucy and ethel (and i hope you all know what this means!).

7. when you leave your front door unlocked make sure both locks are unlocked or you'll find yourself crawling through your bedroom window.

and i thought tuesdays were boring!

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