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Thursday, June 28, 2012

years: 32!

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it's my birthday!!  i love birthdays.  i love my birthday, i love your birthday, i love presents, i love cake and i love celebrating.  in honor of my birthday, here are 32 (yikes!) things about me to celebrate my 32 years:

  1. i am the oldest child
  2. i have a sister and a brother
  3. i love having a summer birthday
  4. i was not made in the USA
  5. i was made in the bahamas
  6. i gave my mother horrible heartburn and migraines every afternoon when she was pregnant
  7. i'm named after mary tyler moore on the dick van dyke show because my dad had a crush 
  8. my mom went into labor on june 27th but i thought the 28th suited me better
  9. john elway, kathy bates, mel brooks and john cusak were all born on june 28th
  10. when i was a kid i'd rather listen to my record player and color than watch tv
  11. i was one week old when i slept through the night and scared my mom half to death
  12. when i found out i was having a baby sister i'd say 'no babyeeee'
  13. now my sister is my best friend
  14. i was obsessed with the babysitter's club
  15. i played bass clarinet through my senior year of high school
  16. i turned 16 in austria
  17. i went to purdue university for my undergrad
  18. i was an english lit major
  19. i have minors in political science, women's studies and religious studies
  20. i went on academic probation in law school
  21. i'm a member of the illinois state bar
  22. i made king louie chase me for nine months before i would go out with him
  23. i am 20 days older than king louie
  24. my college boyfriend had piercings and tattoos
  25. i went back stage at a concert and jared leto said 'hi' to me (he is short)
  26. i'm afraid of heights and parking garages
  27. i walked the runway once in a hair fashion show
  28. hipsters and hippies give me a headache
  29. if it isn't on sale, i won't buy it
  30. i'm not afraid to wear crocs
  31. i am a lover of rabbits and still sleep with a bunny stuffed animal named booey
  32. i wore white doc marten boots, fishnets and red lipstick on my wedding day
happy birthday to me!  feel free to eat cake to celebrate.

~poptart yogini~


    1. yay! happy 32! you know how much I love birthdays, so I might be celebrating with you today. you know, just for moral support and all.
      so does #26 mean you don't want to go skydiving with me next month?

    2. Happy Birthday to you!!! Those facts are so fun :) That wedding outfit sounds interesting...I'm intrigued!!! Spill the beans pa-lease :)

    3. happy freaking birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

      yes, I did use all of those y's to show my enthusiasm for birthdays, specifically yours! ENjoy your day!!!!

    4. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a great day!

    5. Hooray for you! Oh my gosh. While reading your 32 things, I felt like I was reading about the most intersting woman in the world. Please fill my curiosity and respond in full to my emails. I am dying to hear about everything. Especially now your wedding.

    6. Happy, happy birthay!!! so many interesting facts from your 32 years! where did you find white doc martins?!

    7. Happy birthday! Sorry I missed the actual day!! I love your list! I was also ridiculously obsessed with the babysitter's club books, haha! Hope you had a good day! :)

    8. Hope you had an awesome birthday. Thinking we need to see some wedding pictures, I was surprised by the last one! :)

    9. happy belated!!! i read every single item on your list!

    10. happy belated birthday! i hate that i missed this on your actual birthday!! i hope it was fabulous though.

      and the babysitters club?! LOVED it.

      and jared leto? helllllo, sexy. im a little jealous of that one.

    11. Happy birthday!!! How did I miss this? Loved the babysitters club but loved Jordan Catalano even more. So jealous.

    12. Happy belated birthday!! I love the list :)

    13. Happy Belated Birthday! (I'm catching up on old blog posts if you couldn't tell. ;)) Hope this year is fantastic!