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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

pet peeve: doctors part III

i had my stitches removed yesterday and quite honestly, i didn't feel peeved at all.  i kind of had this theme going so i had to close it out.  i got to the doctor's office a bit before 4:30 (my appointment time) and was out of there at 4:37.  if only it could always be that easy.  the scars healed well and the cysts were benign.  i already knew that but it was still nice to hear.  i grow funny stuff.  it runs in the funny family.

after the doctor i was off to a good friend's house for a visit.  i really cherish my visits with her.  our parents are both original owners in the subdivision where we grew up.  she's one of those people that i don't remember my life without her in it.  we took the bus to the first day of high school together and she recorded all my favorite green day music videos off mtv because my family didn't have cable.  she's the friend who you can talk to for hours and not realize that time has flown by.  we solve all the world's problems and acknowledge that everyone else is wrong and we're definitely right.  we laugh really hard at the dumbest stuff.  we find ourselves in ridiculous situations.  like lucy and ethel.  i'm blessed to have a true friend.  i base friendships on quality, not quantity.


  1. I love friends like that! They are few and far between!! :)

  2. glad to hear your visit went well and i have to agree. i also base my friendships on quality, and never quantity.

  3. Aww how nice! I love genuine friends like that! I got to see my best friend for like an hour on Sunday morning over coffee. We only see each other a couple of times a year, but it's really nice all the same :)

  4. i have one friend like that and she's halfway across the country! it's definitely a blessing to have another soul that you are so compatible with.

    as nice as it is to have such a short doctor's visit, don't you feel a bit jipped that you were only there for 10 minutes and paid a full co-pay? i've had a couple like that with my knee doc and after paying a $50 co-pay, i want more than 10 minutes, dammit! :)

    glad to hear everything's normal, too!

  5. Awww, Lucy and Ethel. What a great friendship. I'm glad that the doctor's visit went smoothly! I hate having to wait long!

  6. Friends like that are so wonderful! I agree, it's better to have a few close friends than a lot of not so close friends.