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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

pet peeve: doctors part II

oh goodness.  yesterday was a holy moley of a monday.  as i posted here that going to the doctor drives me crazy.  i had two 'no big deal' cysts on my head that i wanted to have removed.  of course it turned into a three part process.  yesterday was part II: the removal.  i was told it would take approximately 20 minutes.  they numbed me up and removed the first one.  apparently i'm a bleeder and the doctor told me they were going to wait a little bit before she went in for the big one.  so i waited and waited and finished several trashy magazines from the week of january 16th.  i'm very up to date on the katy perry/russell brand divorce (no prenup?  foolish girl).  a half hour went by and i was sure i was forgotten or at least the doctor was trying to cram in as many patients as possible before coming back and doing the big one.  as it turns out the whole process took at least twice as long as originally quoted and i have some really stylish stitches at my hairline.  regardless, i was very glad to get the heck out of there as i picked up a cold on sunday and all i really wanted to do was lay down.  however, seeing as there is no rest for the weary laying down wasn't in my future.  instead a broke a couple traffic laws coming home and called my friend who i was supposed to visit after my appointment.  due to the cold i couldn't make it and appeared by phone.  while i was listening to her talk about how jiffy lube almost blew up her car i started loading up the crock pot for tonight's dinner (recipe tomorrow if it is worth sharing) by chopping a sweet potato and narrowly missing my fingers.  all the while the anesthetic is beginning to wear off and my nose is running.  by the time i sat down to dinner i was pooped and glad to be enjoying my beef barley out of a can soup (don't judge) when all of a sudden my husband says "kiddo, you're bleeding".  yes, there's blood trickling down my forehead like something out of a horror movie and my husband is looking a bit woozy (and his mom told him he was going to be a doctor).  i stop the bleeding and end up taking a near lethal amout of nyquil before going to be ridiculously early.

moral of the story?  as long as there isn't blood shed at dinner tonight, today will be a significant improvement over yesterday.  here's to setting the bar low.


  1. Yikes! Hopefully you'll be much better today and tomorrow! Sorry to hear that the process wasn't as quick or easy as you had hoped!

  2. Darn! I hope you get feeling soooo much better tomorrow!

  3. Holy cow! That does not sound like fun at all - doctors are the WORST at making you wait.