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Monday, March 5, 2012

weekend: pig day!!

oink, oink to one and all!!  my dad's nickname for my mom is pork.  i know it sounds awful but it is because everyone in my mom's family, as well as my sister and i, are blessed with these turned up pug noses.  we're really quite adorable.  anyway, saturday was national pig day and the brookefield zoo had a celebration.  truth be told, the pig part was only 10 minutes of the day.  we saw a couple of pigs do a few tricks, sang 'happy pig day' and then watched the pigs eat a sweet potato cake.  the amazing part of the day was that when you go to the zoo in march in chicago, no one else is there (most likely because they have a working brain and stay inside when it is 35 degrees with flurries).  the exhibits are so empty it is almost eerie.  you kind of start wondering who is watching who.  here are some highlights of the day:

1. the naked mole rats are my absolute favorite.  they're teeny and ugly as sin.  they have no fur, are blind and have bucked teeth.  however, they're always active.  they're cold blooded and huddle for warmth.  they also are always cruising around in their tubes.  a six year old is always inevitably completely freaked out by them and starts crying.  it is funny.  oh, and they don't get cancer.  just call me dr. dolittle.

2. my husband had a pork sandwich at lunch.  the pigs at pig day were giving him the evil eye the whole time we were singing 'happy pig day'.  there is a pig day card for everyone to sign.  i had to stop him from writing 'thanks for lunch'.  sicko.

3. the dolphin show.  now, i come from a family that doesn't spend extra money at the zoo.  in the last few years my parents became zoo members.  this includes four tickets to the dolphin show.  i felt so special.  dolphins are such beautiful and amazing animals.  being a dolphin trainer would be awesome.  maybe when i grow up.

4. the wolves.  the zoo has a really neat wolf exhibit.  it was interesting to watch the socialization.  since no one was there we really got to take our time and study.  towards the end of our visit, they began to howl.  it was neat and a bit creepy since there wasn't anyone around.  one of the wolves who was separated would howl first, then what we assumed was the alpha answered, as soon as he answered the others could join in. 

5.  my dad's favorites are the penguins.  we had one waddle right up to us in his dapper tuxedo who loved to pose for pictures.  i think it made my dad's day.

6.  running around the zoo like we owned the place like little kids all bundled up.  i don't get to do one on one stuff with my parents too much any more and it was very special.  i'm so blessed to have a husband that puts up with (and even likes) my wacky family.

so, that was pig day.  between all the walking and the cold i was pooped for the rest of the weekend!!  sometimes it is easy to stay inside when it is cold outside but getting out and shaking it out can be so good for the soul.


  1. Pig day sounds like a great success, and it sounds like something that I would certainly enjoy. I think it's great that your husband is so supportive (they're his family too, ya know...). Happy Monday, oink oink!

  2. I love going to the zoo! I swear I enjoy it more now than I did when I was a kid.