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Monday, April 9, 2012

recap: easter

happy monday!  i hope everyone had a:

king louie and i had a wonderful easter weekend.  we started with an annual tradition:

we get a big kick out of dying easter eggs but are old school paas buying, no frills dyers.  we write our names, the blue friends names and other important things on them.  this year the names didn't show up with either the wax in the kit or a white crayon.  oh well, we still like them.  we also like some our oddball traditions.  first, we always listen to the monster mash.  i'm not even sure how that started.  the second is this:

for all of you who wonder what i look like.

this strange tradition of making fake eyeballs out of the paas box punchouts started when i was a kid.  i'm not sure whether it was my mom or dad who started it but it cracks me up year after year.  and yes, that's a sticker on my cheek.  king louie treats me as a human sticker book.  last week i was peeling Christmas to/from tags off a hoodie that apparently i hadn't worn for awhile.

we go to king louie's family on easter.  they always have the usual ham and green bean casserole.  it was in the upper 60's today and we got to spend the afternoon outside.  it was lovely.  as with most years we ended up with a wonderful amount of candy.  this is normally a fruit bowl but it looks just as delicious like this:

this bowl includes a bunch of fun throwback candy from king louie's grandma: swedish fish, gummy fruit slices (yum), chocolate licorice, rock candy, malted milk balls, peeps, mini cadbury eggs, tic tacs and gum.  hershey kisses, reese's pb cups, cruch/butterfinger eggs and the hershey mini bars mix also made an appearance.  though it is not our intention to put a dentist's child through college, it might be a side effect of easter 2012. 

and now we're back to work but only five days until vacation!  let the good times roll.


  1. Haha, I love the fake eyeballs. Sounds like you had a great Easter!

  2. Hahaha that picture is fantastic! We finally get to see you! Woohoo! Even if you do have fake eye balls in. I can't remember the last time that I died Easter eggs, but it looks like you had fun! :) Happy Monday, and thanks for the birthday wishes!

  3. Aw, dying easter eggs - what fun!

    Love cadbury eggs - we have so much chocolate at our apartment now from our easter celebrations. It'll last us awhile for sure.