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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

irritation: flying

source via pinterest via camrian moore

sometimes i dread traveling because i always end up irritated at the process.  i'm not afraid to fly.  i figure as far as a crash goes, the odds are ever in my favor (see what i did there?).  i love to go on vacation but the actual traveling drives me bananas.  it drives me crazy that for an 8:00 a.m. flight i'll have to wake up before 5:00 because you have to be to the airport three hours early for an international flight.  once the cab picks you up (a cab because even though my parents spoil the snot out of me, even they won't do an airport pick up that early in the morning) and drops you off you stand in line to check your luggage.  then you stand in line to go through security.  this is like being in a race because you have to get your shoes off and your hoodie and through security with your shoes and hoodie back on before the erratic person behind you mows you over.  last time i flew i was full body scanned.  i'm menacing looking.  i'll stab your eye right out.  i digress.  then you go to the international terminal where you sit like an idiot for an hour and a half.  this is when king louie reminds you that you'll see everyone sitting with in you in a bathing suit.  yikes.  then you stand in line to board.  then you sit on the runway for awhile.  then you are up in the air without any chance to escape for 3+ hours.  it is excruciating.  then you land and you wait on the runway again.  then you wait to get off the plane.  then you wait for your luggage.  then you wait to go through customs.  then you get picket to have your bags searched and the attendant gives you a funny look for how much chocolate and random granola bars you travel with.  i'm menacing.  i'll stab your eye right out.  then you wait to get on the bus to your resort.  then you wait on the bus until everyone is present and accounted for.  you usually end up waiting for someone who had to buy a beer in the airport because he or she is on vacation.  then you drive to your resort.  then you wait to get off the bus and get your luggage.  then you wait to check in.  then you finally get to your room and realize that you've already lived an entire day and your exhausted.  then you see this:

hualtuco, mexico november 2011

and realize it was all worth it.

p.s. i have never nor will i ever wear the above outfit on a plane.  comfort is king on travel days.  four days!

p.p.s.  this was a totally sneaky:


  1. ah I'm so jealous of your upcoming vacay - I need one now! I like how your worked in that the odds are ever in your favor ;)

  2. I'm a cute and comfy traveler ;) And I love how you shadily turned that into a sometimes and always! I wish I was going on a vacation so bad... Oh well, I guess I'll just have to patiently wait and plan one of my own!

  3. i too am not a fan of the actual travel. it almost ruins vacation to think you have to do it again just to get home!

  4. i love it once im on the plane! so much excitement.

  5. I love vacations but the traveling is not so fun. I was just at the airport last weekend and am traveling again this weekend. I wish I could bypass the first half of the day tomorrow. Have fun on your vacation! I wish I was going to Mexico!

  6. Traveling is awful but the worst part for me is the packing/unpacking. I hate it!!