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Thursday, April 5, 2012

photo: mail

awhile back i was reading its good to be queen and learned about a photo a day.  i've never taken a lot of pictures.  i don't want to inconvenience people and get all awkward.  i thought a photo a day could be a fun way to take some pictures because we have our trip coming up.  even thought it is only april 5 i'm having fun with it and am grateful to have something else to spark ideas for blog posts.  you'll never imagine my happy surprise when i saw that april 3 was for mail.  i'm actually in charge of the mail at work.  i know it doesn't sound glamorous (and it isn't) but i had the perfect photo situation pop up.  first i took this picture:

mail waiting for a little love

this is where the mail first goes when it hits my desk.  then i sort: checks, invoices and junk mail.  i'm a huge nerd for office supplies and getting the following mail organizer darn near made my life:

all neat and pretty

doesn't it look all happy and organized?  i prep the receivable checks for deposit so they get their own slot.  i also do accounts payable for three companies so their invoices get separated and then coded for payment.  do you see all the junk mail i fanned out on my desk?  it is such a waste and it makes me crazy.  i throw it straight in the recycling and that gives me some comfort but overall it kind of makes me kind of sad.

now, i realize that learning about sorting the mail at work isn't the most fascinating of topics but it part of what i do on a daily basis.  these are my photos from april 3rd and i'm proud to share them and a little bit about my job with you.

and see that little purdue pennant on my bulletin board?  to that i have to say "BOILER UP"!

in completely unrelated news, it is opening day here for the cubs.  i know it was one of the warmest winters on records, but there's something about the beginning of baseball that signifies that we made it through.  the boys of summer are back.  i'm not expecting great things (i'm a cubs fan for heaven's sake) but there's an excitement that comes with knowing that it is time to play ball.


  1. I need a mail organizer!! I'm trying the photo a day for this month but I've already missed a few days. Oops.

  2. The photo a day thing seems fun, but I know I would forget all the time. I'd need an alarm to remind me (like many things in my life). Haha.

  3. it really is a good idea. we don't take nearly enough photos. i actually don't think my husband and i have any photos that aren't from some sort of event or holiday.

  4. Great Idea! I am always looking for ways to get organized :)

    So excited to be your newest blog follower!