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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

pinterest: for the birds

if you were reading a normal blog this would be a post with all types of birds found on pinterest for oh, how pinteresting.  however, this is not a normal blog.  this is poptartyogini and sometimes my blog hates me.  my blog doesn't let me put more than one internet picture on it.  my blog doesn't save the one internet picture it does allow.  when i attempt to post at a later time, where the picture was is blank with a red x in the corner.  when i try and fool my blog into posting the one internet picture it allows by scheduling it to post at 9:00 a.m. central time it doesn't.  i figure it have two choices: a) spend time online researching how to alleviate these problems and b) rolling with the punches and adapting.  i've opted for option b).  i've only posted one bird picture and am going to share some bird stories.

1) i grew up in an anti-bird household.  my mom can't stand birds and has passed the feeling on to me.  we were given a birdhouse when we bought our house.  said birdhouse will never see the light of day.

2) when i was in high school a group of friends drove into chicago over winter break.  as we were leaving the parking garage my friend hit a pigeon with her car.  i didn't even know this was possible.  there were feathers in the grill as proof.

3) when i was working in chicago, two of my co-workers claimed they were walking down the sidewalk and saw a man stuff a pigeon in a paper bag.  i have no way of know if they made this up.  i'm not sure what is more sick, stuffing a pigeon in a paper bag or making up the story that you saw someone do it.

4) you know when you come out of work or shopping after a long day and realize you were parked under a tree all day because you've got bird poop on your windshield?  it is kind of a bummer.  now imagine having this problem in your own garage.  when we first moved into our house we had birds living in our garage.  i'd come out to my car in the morning and find i'd been #2'd on over night.  to add insult to injury, those effers would dive bomb you when you opened the garage.  we ripped out their nests.  there aren't birds in our garage any more.

5) if you're feeling sorry for the birds from #4, don't.  they've relocated to the bushes outside my bedroom window.  they start singing at about 6:45 a.m.  this includes the weekends.  a few weekends ago i would have killed for a rock to throw.  seriously, i thought it had to have been the size of a doberman.  when i went outside i expected to see it sitting on the windowsill singing its little heart out.  i couldn't find it.  now i have earplugs.  i hate sleeping with earplugs.

with all that being said, i kind of like birds when it comes to art, jewelry and stationary.  while i might think of them as birdbrains, they at least have the good sense to fly south during the winter.  i won't being putting the birdhouse any time soon, however.

p.s. i think i got a little help about how to post more than one internet picture at a time.  next week, new adventure.  


  1. That's crazy you are having so many issues. Maybe you should find someone that you trust to log into your account and see if they can figure it out for you :) That's usually what I have to do when I can get a technology problem fixed. I have no patience for online tutorials so the next best thing is get someone who knows what they are doing :)

  2. blogger can be so temperamental sometimes! it's frustrating for sure.

  3. Wow, sounds like the previous owners of your house really loved birds! I'm with you - birds are dirty and I'm not crazy about them.

  4. Yikes! I'm an animal lover, through and through. I only hope that this Pinterest dilemma fixes itself. Maybe I'll type up a little tutorial for you on how I put pictures in my posts to see if that works... :) Happy hump day!

  5. holy moley - i think we would definitely be bffs if we lived in the same city - i also am not a fan of birds - in fact, i despise and am a bit weirded out by them. but we also had a bird bummer this weekend! with a pigeon!

    there's been a pigeon hanging out on my apt balcony, making ridiculous noises at all hours of the morning. this weekend, we rearranged some of the furniture on the patio and found that the damn pigeon had laid EGGS on our balcony!! alex decided it was in our best interest to take the eggs off - if they hatched, we'd have 2 baby birds and 1 mama bird chirping away for who KNOWS how long!

    long comment :)

  6. I hate picture issues!! I think bird jewelry is really pretty, but birds themselves are kinda creepy!