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Thursday, April 12, 2012

wednesday: oh, how pinteresting

better late than never.  fashionably late.  i really wanted to put this post up for 

however, king louie and i went to my parent's house for dinner
tuesday night and family comes first.  so we're having a pinteresting thursday here at poptartyogini. 

she sells seashells by the seashore

this is where the seashell princess lives.

pinterest via
kristian tapia

this is the seashell princess's clutch

source via
pinterest via erin ruscio-holst

this is the seashell princess's bathroom

this is the seashell princess's Christmas tree.

source via pinterest via shirlswede

these are the seashell princess's cuddle bugs (i'm sorry, but they are so precious)

source via pinterest via tamara lane

this is the seashell princess's summer home

oh how i wish i was a seashell princess.  i'm not too upset though because in 72 hours i'll be a beach baby!!


  1. GREAT photos, girl! I'm new here and I LOVE the look and feel of your site so far! Off to check out some more posts. Have a wonderful week! xo

  2. that little shell purse is so cool!

  3. YAY! You successfully did a oh how pinteresting post! I'm so jealous of your beach vacation :)

  4. great great inspirational post honey, i love it!

    nice to meet your blog! :P


  5. Ohh cute pins!! I love the seashell clutch! :)