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Monday, March 19, 2012

photo: my saturday

last week i finally told king louie that i started a blog.  i'm not sure why i kept it to myself.  i guess i wanted something just for me for a little while.  now that i can blog freely, i'm hoping to add pictures.  the above photo encapsulates my saturday.  i have to say that it was much more difficult and took a lot longer to take the picture than i originally anticipated.  i respect all of you who put photos in your posts even more now.  and now a little about the above items:

1. my yoga mat.  i'm a firm believer that you don't need expensive yoga gear.  i have a few pair of yoga pants and a few tops that i rotate.  i'm a fairly frugal person and the thought of a $100 hoodie horrifies me.  that being said, i do have a lululemon yoga mat and i love it.  my goal is to wear a hole in it before i buy a new one.  as i've mentioned ad nauseum in my posts, i go to a 8:45 morning class on saturday mornings.  it was a sweaty, brutal class but it was fun watching all the people dressed in green getting on the train.

2. my tournament bracket.  it was a sad, sad weekend for my bracket.  losing missouri on thursday was painful and for some reason my sister keeps bounces in and out of first place.  this is tough for my sibling rivalry.  on the plus side, i'm beating king louie.  our agreement was that we'd take all our meals and snacks to watch the games and to shut out the world for our anniversary.

3. my nike lunar glides.  i'm not a runner but i love to walk.  especially with king louie on the weekends.  we check out all the houses on our route that we'd like to live in someday and have the best talks.  we better our health and our relationships on our walks.  i'm really excited that we have more daylight now and that the weather is cooperating.

4. california pizza kitchen box.  we walked to cpk after we got engaged (more on that tomorrow) and decided to get it this weekend to continue our anniversary celebration.  our cpk is kind of expensive and has terrible service.  we were eating dinner there one night and a woman was in the pick up line crying because her order was taking forever.  thank goodness our curb side pickup went well and my vegetarian with japanese egg plant pizza was delicious.

5. the shamrock shake.  saturday's was my first.  i can't believe it took as long as it did.  mcdonald's was packed and they were cranking the shakes out like it was nobody's business.  i think our cashier was more than ready for st. patrick's day to be over.  my thoughts?  yum!  shamrock shakes on st. patty's is scheduled to become a tradition.

6. an irish dish towel.  i'm mostly german.  king louie is mostly romanian.  our future children will be mostly irish.  our mom's are so thrilled though i'm pretty proud of being swedish too.

and that's a wrap on saturday.  it was a good day.


  1. my bracket is a total bust as well. i've just totally given up.

  2. Mmm, shamrock shakes are good. I haven't had one for years though! I'm mostly Irish and Swedish. My children will be mostly English, Scottish, and Irish. I think...

  3. I like those shoes! I've been eyeing the same ones, but I wasn't sure how comfy they were for jogging/walking/running.

  4. 1. I've never had a Shamrock shake.
    2. I have those Nikes! They are my comfy shoes for walking etc too!
    3. I also agree that you don't need expensive yoga gear, although I LOVE my three items from Lululemon :)
    Glad you had a good weekend!

  5. I can't believe that I've never had a Shamrock Shake!! Ahhh! Must change that asap!