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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

recap: anniversary

after work i walked up to the train station to meet king louie.  he parks there and we were going straight to pick up dinner.  it was a beautiful day so a walk worked out perfectly.  when the train got in king louie brought me red roses per tradition and they're beautiful.  he buys them at the train station and they're a better price and last longer than having them delivered or grocery store roses.  i always know i'm getting them and it always makes me day.

yes we use snowflake place mats when it is 80 degrees

 we walked to the park where we got engaged in our town's downtown and took some pictures.  now seems like a good time to tell our engagement story.  of course, everyone's favorite part is the ring.  i had someone tell me once 'put the money in the middle'.  it seemed like good advice and i used that rule of thumb.  king louie and i went ring shopping together because my cousin is a jeweler.  it was so much fun to shop with someone who knows us and we know would give us a fair price.  not only was it a fair price but we got the employee discount and my cousin got a commission.  win win.  i'm a horrible decision maker and she finally said 'this is what you want'.  she was right and not a day goes by that i don't look at my ring and think 'i did good'.  every time we see my cousin she looks at my ring and we have a moment.  it was pretty special.  king louie's ring is tungsten and it is apparently indestructible.  i guess if he ever breaks his finger and it swells they'll have to cut the ring off.  that will be the least of his problems however because i will probably wring his neck.

the ring was ready for pick up on march 15 and it was a thursday.  king louie lived out of state at the time and i had no reason to think that he'd be in my home town.  i got off the train and was all but running to my car because unlike this year when it was 80, it was freezing out.  i heard someone calling my name and didn't think anything of it.  i was cold and just kept walking.  king louie managed to chase me down and when i saw him i knew what was going to happen.  we walked to the park and he got down on one knee.  i have no idea what he said other than he wanted to make mistakes with me.  i thought that was sweet because no one's perfect.  then he said 'will you marry me?' and i said yes and my whole life changed for the better.

last year i decided to take a picture of our hands every year on our anniversary.  while our hands will age our rings will always remain the same.


  1. I love his ring. We went and looked at men's rings last week when we picked mine up from being sized. I think we are going to go with the Tungsten too. I love the color! Your ring is huge! That's what I love about solitaires they are just so mighty! :)
    I love that he said he wanted to make mistakes with you - sweet story!

  2. Beautiful story! I love that you two shopped together! I also love that you have the hands tradition! I definitely think that that's something I want to start with M :)

  3. I love the idea of taking a picture of your hands each anniversary. Nick's ring is made of Tungsten as well. It seems to be very popular now.