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Thursday, March 15, 2012

anniversary: four years

i've been excited for weeks to write this post.  today is our four year anniversary and what a beauty it is.  it was no where near the 70's when we got married.  in fact it was in the upper 30's.  i was just glad there wasn't a foot of snow on the ground.  to celebrate i'm going to give my husband a blog name.  his favorite disney character is king louie from the jungle book.  from here on out, my husband is king louie.  and to add to the excitement, here are ten fun facts about our engagement/planning/wedding:

1. we also got engaged on march 15th.  it was a thursday in 2007 and 2008 was a leap year.  as a result, the 15th leaped to saturday and we got married exactly 365 days after our engagement.

2. i went dress shopping with my mom, sister and future mother in law.  king louie only has one brother and his mom asked if she could go.  it was really special having her there.  my mom, mother in law and i all bought the first dress we tried on.  they've both been married 30+ years so i figure i'm in good company.

3. i'm not one to price drop but when i get a really good deal i can't help myself.  my dress was only $500 and has a pretty good story.  i bought my dress at this awesome dress shop that only sells samples.  what is there is what they have.  this means size, color, style, everything.  the woman who helped me pick my dress had this one in mind from the second she saw me.  she knew nothing about the dress other than it came on a plane from new york and when i looked the designer up online i didn't see my dress anywhere.  i saw a similar dress but mine had sleeves and this one didn't.  my dress had a twin in a different shade of white but i like to think that those were the only dresses like it and i got married in a one of a kind. mostly though, i got a terrific deal.

4. i'm catholic and got married during lent.  catholics don't eat meat on fridays during lent so for our rehearsal dinner we had a pizza party at gino's east.

5. my hair is super short and i wore my hair in fingerwaves with pincurls.  it was awesome.  i also wore white doc marten calf high boots, white fishnets and a cape.  i loved the cape.  i certainly was supergirl that day. 

6. our colors were forest green, white and chocolate brown.  i think those colors are refreshing.  they remind me of junior mints.  my bridesmaid's dresses were green and they carried white flowers.  my cake was brown with white piping.  i wanted chocolate cake, chocolate filling and chocolate icing.  since we were married two days before st. patrick's day we named our tables the counties in ireland

7. my cousin was one of my bridesmaids and she was nine months pregnant.  she had the baby on march 18th.  i like looking at her daughter and thinking 'that's how old my marriage is'.  it makes me feel better about when king louie and i make mistakes.  we're only four and four year olds are pretty little. 

8. i danced with my dad to 'some where over the rainbow' by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole', king louie and his mom danced to 'when you wish up on star' and king louie and i danced to 'kiss me in the morning' by a local band called mr. blotto.

9. my sister and her now husband were married 364 days later.  it is such an honor to share my anniversary weekend with my best sister.  plus my mom is thrilled that she never will forget our anniversaries.

10. we had the worse honeymoon ever.  that deserves a post of its own.  check back friday.

today i am wishing king louie and all of you many, many more years of love, laughter, health and happiness!


  1. Happy Anniversary! That's really neat you got engaged and married on the same date. It sounds like your wedding was wonderful. I'm interested to hear about your honeymoon now!

  2. congratulations! can't wait to hear about the honeymoon. i think when it comes to anything surrounding a wedding, we all have some sort of horror story.

  3. Happiest of anniversaries! I would love to see you in your dress, and I can't wait to hear about the honeymoon. I bet the story is hysterical! Hugs to you and Louie!

  4. Aww, I loved reading this! That's so sweet. And I'm so glad that you invited your mother in law for dress shopping :)

  5. Seems like everyone is celebrating their anniversaries this week! Love it!