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Friday, March 16, 2012

disaster: our honeymoon

our wedding was the most amazing day of my life.  i planned the whole thing and the only tiny problem i had is that i forgot to bustle my dress for the first dance.  king louie and i aren't dancers to begin with and my train (thank goodness it was short) kind of got in the way.  i was riding high the whole day and then the honeymoon happened.  i know it is hard to imagine based on the picture above that it could be a disaster but it was.  here's the story:

we had an early, early flight to cancun.  i slept for 45 minutes and king louie didn't sleep at all.  we were headed to a resort that i'd been to before with my parents.  i loved everything about it and wanted to share it with my new husband.  we got to the airport raring to go.  my hair was even still in its pincurls when we were told to go home.  apparently they called me at 2:58 on my wedding day to say there was a problem.  i walked up the aisle at 3:00.  if i would have received that phone call i would have probably had a heart attack.  the one plane they have to run all their flights had a crack in the windshield and a whole pack of idiots had to go to jamaica before we were going to cancun.  i think i gave a few nasty looks and blinked back tears before we caught a cab back to our hotel.  i never thought i'd be at my own postwedding brunch .  i don't think my parents could quite believe it either.  we got back to the international terminal at about noon.  our flight didn't leave until close to eight.  we lost our entire first day.

one of the things that impressed me about the resort the first time i was there was how ornate and just beautiful the lobby was.  by the time we got there we were tired and angry and were not expecting the lobby to be trashed.  why was it trashed?  because march is spring break time and apparently the entire world was on it.  there were spring breakers from england, austraila and the u.s.  spring breakers like to drink.  a lot.  they also like to scream, yell and destroy things at all hours of the night.  i don't drink at all (any more) and my husband is barely a casual drinker.  we were out of our element in the spring break world.

when i went to cancun with my parents we went to chichenitza, mayan ruins.  they are amazing to see and the tour was so interesting.  king louie and i were so excited to see them.  as it turns out our tour guide was part mayan and took issue with the fact that mayans are perceived as people who sacrificed.  his entire speech kept coming back to the fact that they were 'alleged' sacrificers.  the tour was so bad that we ended up leaving the group and touring the ruins on our own.  i think we learned more from plaques than we did from our tour guide.  the first time we went we got to climb the stairs to the top of the pyramids.  it was incredible and i have a paralyzing fear of heights.  climbing to the top isn't allowed any more.  this was all bad enough and the agony continued on the bus ride back.  the bus ride hotel was several hours and almost immediately i had to go to the bathroom.  i attempted to use the bus bathroom.  there was no way on earth i was going to be able to use that bathroom so i held it.  it hurt.  when we reached the first hotel i had the opportunity to use the lobby bathroom.  i thought we were almost to our hotel so i held it.  we hit rush hour traffic through the downtown.  our excursion=fail.

truth be told, the spring breakers were horribly annoying and chichenitza was a bit of a let down but we were holding our own and keeping positive.  the spring breakers slept in in the morning so breakfast was peaceful.  the beach was totally packed but the resort was at max capacity so it wasn't their fault.  the food was delicious and we settled into a nice routine.  then we hit the middle of the week and i woke up sick.  like really sick.  tired, head pounding, scratchy throat, runny nose, no funny business sick.  i napped a lot and poor king louie said he never thought he'd find himself on his resort balcony reading a book when his new wife napped.  by thursday night i was begging to go home.  i couldn't sleep because of the screaming spring breakers and i felt like death.  the flight home seemed like an eternity.  i think i'm the only person on earth who really wanted their honeymoon to end.

while our honeymoon was a disaster, our wedding day was a dream.  we can always take another beach vacation but we only get to get married once. 


  1. oh, that's aweful! you'll have to have a second honeymoon some day and really enjoy it in peace!

  2. Disaster is an understatement! I'm so sorry to hear that this is how it turned out for you! Maybe you two can do a honeymoon re-do on your 5 year anniversary? And maybe not to Mexico...

  3. Oh, that is too bad. I would be really annoyed with those spring breakers too, and being on a bad tour is really frustrating. Then getting sick on top of all that. That is just no fun at all!

  4. AHHH that's no good!! I'm so sorry that such a special vacay was ruined for you. I'm thinking you definitely need a make up honeymoon.

  5. Just when you said "cancun in march" I knew this wasn't going to end well. Spring breakers - so annoying! I'm so so sorry! This is absolutely horrible.

  6. Oh no! I'm sorry it didn't go as planned. But you are so right, you can always do another vacation - a wedding is only once! :)