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Friday, May 4, 2012

photo: my glasses

blue bear is such a good model

so last month i attempted the photo a day challenge.  i did pretty well until we went on vacation and then i lost it.  i decided to regroup and start fresh in may.  yesterday's photo was something you wore.  it is time you meet my glasses.  i bought them in the summer of 2001 when i worked at a pearle vision.  i promise you that i tried on every pair of glasses in the store before deciding on this pair.  i loved them then and i love them now.  i also loved that my employee discount was 40%. 

i was always a contact wearing kind of girl.  then i started a job where i stared at the computer screen for 10 hours a day and my eyes couldn't take it.  i started wearing my glasses and now we are a daily duo.  we've been through so much together.  they're actually broken in the left hand corner.  i was in the wisconsin dells with king louie's family and we took a speed boat tour.  the boat driver would speed up and then make the nose of the boat dunk into the water, splashing water high into the air.  during one of these splash attacks, the water came down so hard that my glasses cracked in half.  the lens fell into the bottom of the boat and i thought my eyeball fell out.  i managed to get a grip and then got some scotch tape and super glue.  on the first attempt we accidentally got super glue in the glasses hinge and they were glued open in on one side (super glue is really sticky).  luckily that remedied itself though they did break again at one point.  i just glued them back together.  i haven't been to the eye doctor in more time than i care to count and heaven help you if you drive near me.  those street signs are pretty fuzzy these days.  part of getting my job was a deal with my dad that i'd see the eye doctor but i'm too cheap and reluctant to give up my favorite specs.  they're a part of me and fit me perfectly.

on an unrelated note, please pray for our poor plumbing.  i was taking a shower last night and there was a deluge into the basement.  i'm just hoping the plumber is feeling kind when he checks it out.

happy weekend, all!!


  1. We are the same! I have to wear glasses during the day too (and a much lower prescription at that) because it hurts my eyes/head too much when I wear my stronger glasses/contacts :)

  2. I always wear my contacts, even though I should wear my glasses more - but I cannot stand wearing my glasses. They feel like some alien that is trying to take over my face.

  3. Oh no, I hope the plumbing gets fixed!! I tried to put in contacts once and I started bawling crying. Never ever again. Hahahaha! Thank goodness I don't really need them.

  4. Wow, you and your glasses have been through a lot! I'm a contact wearer myself, but it always feels so good at night after taking out my contacts and putting my glasses on.

  5. i had no idea it was better to stare at a computer with glasses vs. contacts. speaking of, i need a new pair of glasses so bad :(