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Monday, May 7, 2012

yoga: arm balances workshop

a few weeks ago i saw an ad for a arm balance and inversion workshop at my yoga studio.  when i saw the ad, my first thought was that i should do it.  i've been working on arm balances and inversions almost since i've started practicing without a whole lot of luck.  a workshop would be perfect for me.  that being said, here are all the reasons i told myself that i shouldn't do it:
  • i don't know what i'm doing and everyone else would
  • i wouldn't know anyone
  • i'd look like an idiot and everyone would wonder what i was doing there or think that i had no business being there
  • i'd finally figure out a pose with a ton of props and everyone would give me pity congratulations
really nice, right?  who thinks these things about herself?  i hate to say that i do but i did.  i decided to combat these negative thoughts and signed up for the workshop.  it was over the weekend and i'm proud to say that i survived.

i was terrified when i walked up to the studio on saturday afternoon.  i sought out a spot way out of the way and waited for the workshop to begin.  as it turned out i didn't have anything to worry about (go figure).  there were many, many more people at the workshop than i was anticipating.  no one gave a flying flip as to what i was doing and there were varying levels of experience.  i managed to partner up with one of the teachers at the studio so i felt safe practicing the inversions (side note: while i ended up with a teacher, there was just as good as a chance that i could have ended up with someone as inexperienced as i was.  in fact, at one point i was partnered with a man who would hold me up too long and i kind of fell at one point.  not cool.).  while i don't think i'm any better at arm balances or inversions i'm very glad i went to the workshop.  i faced a fear, got an extra two hours of yoga in and learned something in the process.

what fears have you faced recently?

in unrelated news, our plumbing issue only ended up costing $60.  thank heavens!!


  1. i totally do that too. i hope to get back into yoga once this baby is born, but i haven't consistantly done it in so long, i'm scared to join a studio!

  2. Congrats to you for overcoming those negative thoughts. I always find ways to talk myself out of things but when you tell that negative voices to shut the hell up and you go through with it anyway, it feels so good!

  3. I'm always self conscious when I do yoga in front of others too. I get embarrassed when the instructor comes over and corrects something I'm doing, but it happens to everyone. It sounds like it was a great workshop!

  4. I'm so proud of you! I think we all get down on ourselves sometimes when we are going outside of our comfort zones, but it ends up being totally worth it. When I first took a hot yoga class, I was super nervous and totally intimidated because she kept saying all the fancy names, but I just followed along and ended up loving it :)

  5. I totally do that too! And so glad your plumbing issue was fixed - and for less than expected!

  6. Is crow an arm balance pose? I usually just head into child's pose when they suggest crow. I'm proud of you for going to the class! I have a lot of those same thoughts you do when I start something new. I think it's a normal thing to feel less than confident when you're starting a new thing! But now you're mastering arm balance inversions!