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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

frustration: oh, how pinteresting

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source: pinterest dames & divas

every week i look forward to looking at erin's oh, how pinteresting posts.  she's a super creative lady and i get such a kick out of them.  she also fascinated me because i am pinterest inept.  i do not understand how it works.  when i would sign in there would be pictures everywhere and i'd get overwhelmed.  i'd be like ginger rogers in the photo above.  just a frustrated artists praying that pinterest creativity would come bursting out of me.  i emailed erin who very politely gave me some tips.  my very first pinterest search was 'frustrated' and i found the above image.  it pretty much summed up how i felt.

now i think i have the basic idea and want to participate in oh, how pinteresting.  last week i noticed that there seemed to be a st. patrick's day theme.  i thought if every week had a theme it would give me a chance to hone my pinterest skills.  i figure it will be easier to master if i have one specific thing i'm looking for.  this week i went searching for the theme and i couldn't find one.  i'm embarrassed to say that i can't even figure out how to put the button on my blog.  do i have to wait until wednesday?  does someone want to give me a theme for next week?  can someone tell me how to grab buttons?  is it hard to believe i make it from day to day?


  1. It's all a learning curve. And my best input would be to pick something that makes you happy or you love or want to learn. Playing around on Pinterest is the best way to learn how to use it. I wonder if any bloggers have done a tutorial on it...

  2. I still don't know how to use the buttons. I like scrolling through the pictures on my homepage and sometimes I'll see a recipe I want to try or a cute idea for photos, decorating, etc. There is some pretty out there stuff on their too, IMO. I discovered the site "Pinterest, You Are Drunk," which cracks me up. You should check it out.

  3. You're funny! I'm actually looking for a good headboard so I created a 'headboard' board...say that ten times fast! Anywho, basically, when I stalk other blogs and they have recipes or DIY ideas I don't want to forget, I pin it!

  4. If anyone has done a tutorial, it's probably Katy at katywidrick.com. She's my go-to internet guru!

  5. Aw thanks! There isn't usually a theme, but I'm thinking about making mine next week Spring and Easter-related things, since we are getting close to that holiday--you can do that theme with me if you want! :)