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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

yoga: back in the saddle

happy leap year all!  some wiseacre told me today that we all are working for free.  that put a little damper on things. 

anyway, yesterday was the first time i practiced yoga in nine days.  i couldn't breathe and my nose would run when i bent over last week so i decided it was best to rest and recover.  i'm always a little worried when i get back to yoga after a break that i'm going to really struggle.  however, i found that i actually felt really good.  my balance was fairly steady and my hip had kind of bothered me before the break.  that cleared itself up.  anyway, to ease myself into it and have it not seem so daunting i set my phone's alarm for an hour.  i also did this practice that i made up at thanksgiving.  i took all my favorite poses and linked them up with things that i'm thankful for.  here's what it looked like (i hold the poses for three breaths):

1. sun salute A: the sun
2. tree pose: nature
3. eagle: friendship
4. dancer: the ability to practice yoga.  i always feel very yogic in this pose (when i'm not falling over).
5. standing split to hand to foot: the rain.  there's really no connection between the pose and the rain but i dig a good rain storm.
6. prayer twist: my faith and all the blessings God has bestowed upon me.

abs.  ew.

1. sun salute B: the sun.  again.  i love sunshine.
2. hero series: my husband
3. warrior i, ii, iii: my recovery and those who support me
4. half moon/reverse half moon: the water
5. bird of paradise: vacation
6. triangle: my house
7. reverse warrior ii/extended side angle: my family.  those poses make me feel grounded as does my family.
8. side planks: my job.  they're a pain in the neck, but a necessary evil.
9. pigeon: my books.  no relation.
10. crow: laughter.  because if i don't laugh trying to learn it, i might cry.
11. headstand: life.  sometimes it turns you upside down and occasionally you crash.
12. plow/shoulderstand: poptarts and all my favorite yummies.
13. peacock: the blue friends

as you can see, i kind of flew by the seat of my pants on the last ones.  i really love this practice because it isn't too intense but you hit all the poses.  plus, i feel grateful and humble by the time i'm done.  i get intimated by sequencing because i'm not a yoga teacher and here there isn't a sequence but there is a bit of a flow. 

back to class tonight.  always an adventure!


  1. That's such a great idea!

    I just read your poptart post and I'm cracking up. I guess I'm a weirdo because my favorite poptart flavor is apple cinnamon. ;)

  2. I LOVE how you linked poses to the things your thankful for. What a great idea and very inspiring. I may try this idea with my boys.

  3. I want/need to start incorporating more yoga into my workouts. Maybe this coming week, I'll make sure to do it.