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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

introduction: the blue friends

well, i guess it is time for you all to meet the blue friends.  the bunny's name is booey.  he's been my faithful bedtime buddy since i was two.  he came to college, law school, treatment and marriage with me.  i picked him when i was two.  he had a good tag.  i would stick my index finger in booey's tag's loop.  i rubbed all the words off the tag, then i wore the tag away, now there's only a stub.  you cannot imagine my surprise when my husband introduced me to blue bear (he's the blue bear in case you can't figure it out).  i almost had a heart attack.  blue bear and booey are cut from the same cloth.  they're definitely long lost brothers and my husband and i are so pleased that we were able to bring them back together.  booey is the evil mastermind who sits quietly in wait whereas blue bear is generally rambunctious.  as you can tell by the picture, they enjoy playing mario cart on wii.  as you can probably also tell, my husband and i really need to get a life (or have kids).

i wanted to give sincere thanks for your support yesterday.  it was scary for me to put something so personal out there and i appreciate your awesome feedback.

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  1. Glad you had such supportive feedback yesterday! I wore my purple today ;) And I love that you just shared with all of us about Booey and Blue Bear.