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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

pet peeve: doctors

yesterday i had to go to the dermatologists' office to have a growth on my head looked at.  i've been growing it since 2006.  i was studying for a very boring, very stressful exam at the time.  i was convinced that my brain was being stuffed so full that it needed some extra room to groove.  i knew at the time i should have it removed but i have this thing with doctors.  you see, you can't just go see a doctor once and have your issue resolved.  you have to return two or three times.  it is like they want to date you or something.  as a result, i put off having it looked at.  now it is so big that my hairdresser mentioned it and embarassed me into making an appointment (this isn't completely true.  she is very nice and gave me the push i needed to get my act together).  i went yesterday and was there for less than five minutes before hearing that i need to schedule an appointment to have the cyst removed.  there's appointment number two.  then i'll go back two weeks later to have the stitches removed.  there's appointment number three.  it is just what i was trying to avoid.  grr!!  we'll practically be dating. 

i guess it is the price i pay to have a smooth head again.  oh, and the cyst?  it is completely harmless.  the only reason to remove it is because i want to.  if only there was an easier way.

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