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Monday, February 20, 2012

weekend: got 'lost'

my husband and i are total squares.  we never catch on to the latest thing when it is popular.  i guess we're a little slow on the uptake.  we still have raging will smith dance parties in our kitchen.  getting jiggy with it and such.  it is horribly embarassing.  i already feel bad for our future children.  they don't stand a chance of being cool.  maybe that's okay though.  anyway, several months after the series finale of lost we decided to check the first season out of the library and see what all the hoopla was about.  well, the first season led to the second and the next thing we knew we would lock ourselves away for entire weekends trying to cram in as much lost as possible.  it was both sad and awesome.  one day we finished the series (i both loved and hated the ending but it is way too confusing and boring to explain why) and we wondered what we were going to do with ourselves.  showering and socializing seemed like way too much effort so we decided to go in a different direction: watch lost again with my sister and brother in law (we'll just call him bil).  so now, every month and a half or so we have a lost night at our place.  we order pizza and knock out four episodes at a time.  my husband loves it.  he sends out previous episode recaps the week before to get everyone up to speed. 

this past friday night was a lost night.  we had a coupon for two two topping extra large papa john's pizzas and showed those babies no mercy.  then we watched two episodes, ate thin mint ice cream and watched two more.  it is so fun watching it with people who have never seen it before.  their questions and observations are interesting.  apparently watching it with my sister is like watching it with me.  i'd get frustrated when there were more questions than answers, declare that i wasn't watching any more because it was too frustrating and then beg for one more episode.  the question of the night is whether henry gale is good or bad.  it is questions like these that keep them coming back for more and is a good excuse for me to continue to enjoy thin mint ice cream.  seriously, it is so good (lost and the ice cream).

did you watch lost?  what did you think?


  1. I only watched the first season of lost. My roommate in college ordered the first season and was pretty into it. I never got that into it though :)

  2. That sounds like a fun double date night! I watched a few episodes here and there. My husband was a huge lost fan.

  3. I never got into lost. I would watch a few episodes here and there, but didn't get super into it.

  4. I never got into it and once everyone started watching it a couple seasons in, I figured it was too late.

    BTW, thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog. :) I don't know why, but Disqus isn't publishing it, although I can see it on my blogger dashboard. Argh! I just didn't want you to think I deleted it or something. Looking forward to reading more about you!

  5. i LOVED lost. I became super addicted to it on hulu/netflix and then that was all she wrote until i was through them all. i was so sad when it was over, but still utterly confused. i've considered going at it again to see what i pick up on this time.

    also, it's not cheating on your yoga studio. i have a studio i adore, but has limited classes and space, so when i bikram groupon showed up this week, i jumped at the chance! i'm so excited to try it out!