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Monday, January 30, 2012

weekend: dinner and a movie

saturday night my husband and i had my parents over for dinner and a movie.  we made nachos and they were heavenly.  i started chicken breast and salsa verde in the crock pot earlier in the day and then shredded the chicken when it was nacho time.  we used tortilla chips, the chicken, refried black beans, shredded cheese, liquid nacho cheese, diced tomato and green pepper, black olives, corn, sour cream and red salsa.  oh my goodness!  it was one of those meals that when it was over you wish you could eat again.  it was fun to have an interactive meal that everyone could make their own.  ole!

after dinner and before ice cream cake we watched the movie there be dragons.  i'm not an artsy fartsy, foreign film kind of girl.  in fact, i don't prefer to watch movies at all.  they make me feel like i'm signing my life away for a certain amount of time and therefore i'm trapped.  i usually refuse to watch a movie that is longer than 90 minutes.  i can sit and read a book for hours but movies make me antsy (or fall asleep).  it don't know if it was the break for ice cream cake or what but i really enjoyed this one.  it is a true story set in 1930's spain during the communist revolution and followed two friends.  one friend was a priest and recently became a saint.  communism is obviously a religionless state and priests were hunted down and killed.  we heard about it at church over the summer and kind of forgot about it until we got an alert that was available for pick up at the library.  i'm not sure if i'm in recommending it but if it sounds like you're thing i'd say give it a try.  i'm pretty sure forgiveness was the main gist and i figure that's always a good thing.

i'm pretty sure i just learned reviewing movies is not one of my talents.  sorry!

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