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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

pinteresting: just because

when it comes to

 i always have a plan.  i have to have a theme because i have to have something to control.  it is weird because i'm not super organized in real life but when it comes to oh, how pinteresting wednesday i needs things all neat and tidy.  this week i'm going outside the box and choosing five pins just because i like them.  no rhyme, no reason, just because.

just because bookworms are sexy:

thea neubauer via pinterest via
this link doesn't work

 just because this may be the key to my heart:

lisa de palo via pinterest via

just because time flies:

via lisa de palo via twitter via source

just because rainbows can also be delicious:

laura major via pinterest via source

just because love cures all:

tasha norris via pinterest via source

have a wonderful wednesday.  just because.



  1. I want a piece of that cake...with some vanilla ice cream on the side-).

  2. those love birds are too cute.

  3. I always think those rainbow cakes are so cool looking!

  4. I want that rainbow cake pretty please with sugar on top ;) Pun intended! I baked for the first time last night since we moved. Devils food cookies! Tasty! But now I want to get more creative (once I have more baking supplies that is).

  5. that rainbow cake is awesome. makes me happy. and you know I needed something to make me happy after today. blah.

  6. okay I SO want that rainbow cake for my next birthday! awesome.

  7. aww these are cute! do you have your own pinterest account or just spend time perusing? i love pinterest but have to have a dedicated time frame before i let myself get on.. otherwise, a whole saturday on the couch has happened! and there's still more to pin! :)

  8. Thanks for stopping by, I'm now following you! We are western suburbs ... but love me some Chicagoland :)