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Thursday, June 14, 2012

flashback: the 1960's

as i mentioned here my family had a garage sale over the weekend.  my grandpa passed away last summer and my grandma died back in the 90's.  during the winter my family met in his condo and all of us grandkids got to take what we wanted.  we started with my oldest cousin and worked our way down to the youngest.  i was going to do a post about all the different things i took but when i went to take a picture of my cuckoo clock i couldn't find it.  now you're probably wondering what kind of person has a cuckoo clock and are even more confused by the fact that someone could lose one and i have to admit that i don't blame you.  while i work on the caper of the missing cuckoo clock (doesn't that kind of sound like nancy drew?), you all check out some items from long ago that i think are kind of groovy.  i use the term groovy because the items are from the 1960's.  while i've never seen an episode of mad men, i feel like you would find these things there.


after all the divvying up, king louie and i were snooping around the kitchen.  we opened a lower cabinet and there were all these vintage liquor bottles.  two of them were still sealed.  one had a seal that said 1961 and the other said 1974.  it kind of makes me want to ask my grandpa why there were never opened.  were they for a special occasion (we wondered if the 1961 bottle was a house warming from when they moved out of the city and into the suburbs but it wasn't)?  heaven knows that people drank back then and my grandparents weren't tea tottlers.  i guess some of their parties were kind of wild, but 1960's wild, not puking on the front lawn wild.  regardless, king louie and i have a bar in our basement (hilarious because i am a tea tottler) and would like to find a way to display the bottles.


this ashtray wasn't taken on the aforementioned (king louie hates that word) day.  it was my grandma's and my sister and i each got one.  way back when my grandma would host the ladies for cards.  i guess it was fashionable to give each gal her own ashtray instead of using one communal.  this cracks me up because my grandma didn't smoke.  she and my great aunt (her sister) would keep a pack of cigarettes in the freezer (i have no idea if this keeps them fresh though i'm thinking i might know where my love for freezing stuff comes from) and share one on cards day.  kind of different from now when i would scratch someone's eyes out if they even considered lighting a cigarette in my house.


i couldn't figure out how to get the camera out of the case
i saved this one for last because i thought that as bloggers who take pictures of every miniscule detail of life you would appreciate how far cameras have come.  they couldn't imagine a phone that didn't have a rotary dial let alone a phone that could leave the house let alone a phone that could leave the house that could take pictures.  how about that for a run on sentence?!  i thought this camera looked so cool and we have it displayed in our family room.  i wonder if it still works and i wonder why my grandpa still had it.  regardless, i'm glad he kept it.

i hope you enjoyed our little walk down memory lane.

what items do you have that take you to another era?



  1. We got to do the same thing when my grandma died this last year. Even though it was sad, it was really neat to go through the house and see all the stuff they still had. We found a bunch of booze too lol, and my grandpa's uniform from WW2, all kinds of stuff! I love that camera too btw, how awesome is that!

  2. I popped over here from Shane's blog and I'm glad I did. Loving your blog! What great things you got!

  3. OH my goodness... I love the ashtray (even though I don't smoke either) and love love love the old polaroid. Fabulous finds!

  4. How awesome! What's a tea tottler? Don't judge.

  5. That camera is by far my fave! I'm obsessed with vintage cameras. If it still works, you've got a little gem on your hands. :)

  6. These are such great finds! My grandparents house is filled with stuff from past eras! IC's grandmothers are going through their husbands things and they are finding HEAPS of stuff (books from the 1930s!).

    Loved it

  7. Lovely post! Awesome camera :)
    I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog, and would love if you checked it out!