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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

vacation: happy tummy

i had to smile and take a picture when i realized what lengths i was willing to go to to keep my system moving and shaking on vacation.  here are my tips for keeping a happy tummy:

1.fiber pills: i actually take two of these two times a day every day but they are even more important on vacation.

2. fiber one bar: i know that they probably sound kind of sad but they are actually delicious.  LOTS of chocolate chippers.  i would eat one around five and it was the perfect snack to keep the system moving and my hunger under control until dinner.

3. pepto: a pharmacist told king louie that two pepto everyday of the trip would do the trick to keep montezuma far, far away.  it worked.

4. prilosec: this is actually is a medical necessity.  a few years ago i was having horrible heart burn.  i was sure i was dying but as it turns out i have a hiatal hernia.  that basically means my stomach sits too far up in my esophagus and i need the prilosec to help me out with my heart burn and acid reflux.  the plus side is that if i'm ever lip syncing on saturday night live as a musical guest, i can blame it on my reflux and then dance a little jig.

5. tums: they're just handy to have around for all your tummy needs.  plus, calcium!

6. all-bran: this was provided by the hotel at the breakfast buffet.  the first morning i thought i was eating tree bark and the soggy bits at the end made me gag a little.  by the end of the week, i learned to mix some with yogurt and granola and some with either frosted flakes or chocolate krispies and milk.  i know i should probably eat all-bran all the time for breakfast but "all-bran yogini" doesn't have the same ring to it.  maybe when i'm still practicing yoga at 80 and eating prunes i'll be the all-bran yogini.

and now you just read an entire post on my digestive system.  i bet you feel like you know me just a little bit better.


  1. this is so important. vacations and all the eating out can be the worst thing for someones body. good tips!

  2. I love those FiberOne bars! I've been thinking about starting to take Fiber pills each day too - any you recommend?

  3. it's amazing what lengths we have to go to sometimes! vacations always seem to throw everything off a bit.

  4. Haha I love that you go to such lengths! When I was in Europe, I had major issues so I had to purchase some "Bene Fibra." Since then, I know what I need to do in order to keep me normal ;)

  5. LOL! This is funny :) and actually not something I'd ever considered about vacations! Is this a standard consideration or just due to location this time?

    Glad you kept it all movin' and shakin'. Do you drink GoodBelly? I like that to keep me in line when I'm feeling a bit whacked out.

  6. Haha, I should take these tips from you for my next vacation. I always seem to have digestive issues when I'm away from home. Next time I'll be prepared.