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Friday, May 25, 2012

friday: letters

friday's letters

and another week has come and gone.  how is it even possible?!

dear long weekend:

i can almost see you and you look so pretty.  i'm looking forward to staying up late, sleeping in, eating menchie's (finally!), grilling out and relaxing with king louie.

dear AM:

thank you so much for picking out and dropping off my summer flowers.  that is amazing service.

dear anyone other than me:

whenever you want to plant the flowers and water them all summer is great by me. 

dear yoga:

class last night was hot, sweaty and humid but also really, really fun.  thanks!

dear bendy yoga instructor:

you amaze and inspire me.  how do you move your body that way?!  incredible.

dear sushi:

we will meet again this weekend.  i cannot wait.  it has been way too long.

dear job opportunities (not mine):

you've got me curious.  i'm very interested to see how this all turns out.

dear all of you:

have wonderful, relaxing, fun or however you want to spend it as long as you're safe long weekends.



  1. I know I'm looking forward to a nice long, relaxing weekend! Hope you have a good one too!



  2. love your letters- so sweet and adorable. your blog is lovely! happy weekend!

  3. Mmm, sushi - I miss sushi. There used to be this great sushi place near where I went to college with really creative veggie rolls. I miss them.

  4. Hope y'all had a great long weekend!! Sushi sounds pretty good right now...even though I just ate Taco Bell!!

  5. sushi sounds so good right now! my hubs doesn't eat it so i always have to get one of my girl friends to go with me!