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Friday, May 18, 2012

friday: letters


dear weekend:

thank you so much for being around the corner.  the middle of the week gave me a run for my money and i'm so happy you're on the horizon.

dear hormones/emotions:

get a grip.  you're out of control right now and it isn't cool.

dear seasonal allergies:

you suck.

dear king louie:

thanks for not murdering me and burying me in the backyard.  i  know i haven't been an easy person to deal with this week and i appreciate your patience.

dear olive garden:

please me kind to me tommorrow.  i'm challenging myself with one of your creamy pasta dishes.  i'm excited but a little scared.  i'm going to be with my grandmother and don't want her to see me freak out.

dear amanda

thank you so much for answering my ten questions.  it made my day.

dear self:

thank you for opting to take the one hour yoga class last night instead of the one and a half hour hot yoga class.  i'm glad you were able to recognize that the hot class would be a little too intense.  you don't have to prove yourself to anyone. 


  1. my hormones are a bit out of control right now too and it's definitely not cool!

  2. Ok soooo total fail on my part with the 10 questions thing. I didn't even realize you tagged me, and I even commented on the post. EPIC FAIL!!!!

  3. I've got my 10 questions brewing too :) It's been a crazy week over here too! It's funny when life gets in the way of blogging, huh?

    Bummer about your allergies! And thank you, King Louie, for tolerating! :)

    Good luck with Olive Garden this weekend - I'll be thinkin of ya!

  4. Glad I made your Friday! I've also been crazy hormonal, and good luck with the creamy pasta dish! You CAN DO IT!!! I been there forcing those dreaded dishes, and I know you're going to rock it :)

  5. okay, are you afraid or excited for OG? We love that restaurant, but after they started publishing their calorie count I feel so guilty eating anything from there! Loved your letters, hope you enjoy your weekend and your allergies get it together! Thanks for linking up with me this week!


  6. My hormones have been a bit wack recently too. I hope yours settle down!