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Thursday, March 29, 2012

creative: arts & crafts

so, i may have major problems posting about pinterest but today i did something to redeem myself.  i made a craft off of pinterest.  my friend gave me an invite to join pinterest.  one day i suggested that we should choose crafts and try and make them.  she ran with the idea.  my friend is a doer.  i am not.  i am someone who sits around and worries about what might go wrong and work myself into a such a tizzy that i forget what i was wanting to do in the first place.  my friend found this and she decided we were going to make it.  so, today she came over with foam wreaths, paint, brushes, ribbon and chicks.


we painted our wreaths and put them outside to dry.

now, i'm a cautious person and would have waited for them to dry completely.  my friend waited about 25 minutes before she brought them in and put the hair dryer on them.  they were partially dry before we started shoving the chick's feet into the wreath.  we got them all lined up like little chick-a-dee soldiers and poof!  we were done.

so cute!!  we were so please with ourselves.  here's a shot of it hanging on the wall.  it kind of looks like it is hanging out in no man's land but i promise it looks good.

and so, if you're keeping score at home it is pinterest: 2, poptart yogini: 1.  i promise you i maybe be losing the war, but today i won the battle.


  1. BAM! You'll beat Pinterest because you know it! I love how your wreath turned out. :)

  2. That's completely adorable!