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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

love: naptime

i'm a really good sleeper.  i'm pretty sure i could go pro.  i slept through the night at one week old and it nearly gave my mother a heart attack.  my senior year of college i scheduled all my classes at noon or later.  i was in a section of one class that started at 8:30 and i dropped it.  i regularly fall asleep on the couch during the weekend watching hour long televison shows, sporting events and movies.  my husband always says that i'm at most fun right before i go to bed.  i guess we all enjoy what we're really good at.

yesterday was a barn burner.  my husband works in the city and we only have one car.  occasionally he'll have things to do for work in the suburbs.  he'll drop me off at work in the morning and pick me up when i'm finished.  these are my favorite days because even though i have the world's easiest commute, there's nothing like getting a ride home after a long day.  usually my husband has to do more work at home on these days but yesterday he made his hours for the day (he's an attorney and has a billable hour requirement).  i guess i took this post seriously, especially #25, and we climbed back into bed for an hour.  i dozed and i'll leave out the mushy stuff.  it was refreshing and awesome and i highly recommend it.  so, my challenge to you is to take a random weekday afternoon and grab your spouse, significant other, baby, dog or stuffed animal and give yourselves a good long cuddle. 

i promise it will do you good.


  1. my favorite part about living with my fiance (we did long distance for 2.5+ years) is being able to take a random weekend nap or cuddling on the couch or curling into his arms at night. so cornball, but so true! there is nothing better :)

  2. Thanks so much for the link love and I'm so glad you were inspired!

    One of my favorite things to do (pre kiddos) was to nap on the couch on Sunday afternoons while my husband watched golf on TV. (Golf on TV can put anyone to sleep quicker than you can blink an eye by the way!)

    Hope you find time to do some others on the list :)