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Thursday, February 9, 2012

bliss: candy corn

i am going to apologize that this has been a slow news week.  it is a week where i have to get excited about the little things in everyday life.  for example, i'm the one person on the planet who likes candy corn.  i actually bought some at the drugstore during the Christmas season.  i had beaded garland for the tree in one hand and a bag of candy corn in the other.  this happened twice.  actually, the second time there were no Christmas decorations.  it was just the candy corn.  as the weeks have gone on i'm having to face the facts that my candy corn won't last forever.  it makes my heart hurt (my teeth hurt a little too, but i think that's just the sugar talking).  however, earlier this week i was looking around in the pantry and made an amazing discovery.  i thought i had one bag left and found that i had two.  there was much dancing and jubilation.  and that is how you spin a fascinating tale in a slow news week.

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