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Monday, February 6, 2012

failure: make up challenge

beauty routines, rituals and products were all over my favorite blogs recently.  the naked face project started on healthytippingpoint and there was a discussion of favorite makeup products on yoursouthernpeach.  it got me thinking about my beauty routine and why all i do is put some product in my hair before i leave the house.  i used to be a religious contact wearer but i started a job where i'd stare at the computer screen for 10 hours a day and my poor eyes would burn.  as a result, i started wearing my glasses full time and if i wear my glasses i don't wear makeup because i figure no one can see it.  i don't work the long hours any more but i still wear my glasses.  sometimes i wonder if i wear my glasses because they're a buffer between the world and me.  they're something to hide behind.  i wonder if i'm not putting the time into contacts and make up because i don't think i'm worth taking the time.  on the flip side, i argue with myself (to be in my head sometimes-scary) that i don't wear make up because i don't like taking the time and i don't feel like i know what i'm doing.  i'd rather sleep in in the morning and that i'm fine showing my fresh face to the world because i don't think there's anything wrong with what it looks like.  to further indulge my internal conflict i decided to engage in a little exposure therapy.  if i am going some where on the weekend other than running errands i will throw in the contacts and break out the mascara (and so help me if i poke myself in the eye with the wand).   the super bowl was going to be my first test because my parents were hosting a family party.  then my grandma had a mini stroke and my mom had to go to the hospital.  the party was cancelled and my husband and i watched the super bowl sans makeup.  in fact we were in our jammies and it was kind of awesome.  so, next weekend we're doing our weekend valentine's day dinner.  i'll get dolled up for that and report back.

p.s. the professionals in charge of my grandma think this is a temporary setback.  she's an amazing lady (see the inspiration: my gram post from january--i'm not sure how to link to my own posts yet) and i have every confidence she's going to be okay despite my bawling in church yesterday as a result of worry.

p.p.s. i won $25 on my squares with the office.  this will go towards saturday's dinner.

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  1. i usually wear contacts but when i wear glasses, i feel more compelled to wear mascara than when i have contacts in. i think because i'm 'hiding' behind glasses but i still want people to look me in the eyes.

    i'm a non-makeup wearer usually too - so much easier!