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Friday, February 3, 2012

exercise: personal trainer

for the second year in a row i paid for a year's worth of unlimited yoga at my studio at the beginning of january.  it is a bit $pricey$ but it is worth not having to buy punch cards and is the best value.  some people do their nails, some people buy starbucks, i buy yoga as my thing i do for me.  this year if you signed up for unlimited yoga you received six personal training sessions with a trainer who rents space at the studio.  my grandma had an expression "for free, take.  for buy, look".  so, last friday i made an appointment.  to be honest, i was really apprehensive.  the trainer holds a bootcamp at the studio and people who take it on friday night often can't move in class on saturday morning.  i love yoga and taking walks around the neighborhood but i'm not a sweating, being out of breath, wishing i was dead kind of mover and shaker.  however, my fears were completely unwarranted.  i had a consultation where i found out my shoulder alignment is off.  my left shoulder is higher than my right.  i was in a car accident in 2005 and i broke my right ankle pretty badly.  she wondered if the alignment issue is a result of overcompensating.  whatever the reason, i hope to even myself out.  my main goal is to invest in my future.  my family lives a long time and if i follow that path i want to feel good when i do it. 

i was quite surprised that even though i'm an avid yogini, i'm a newbie at strength training.  i did some squats at the wall with a balance ball behind my back.  i also did two sets of twenty girl pushups and thought they were extremely challenging.  my assignment is to practice the squats, the pushups and a basic ab move at home (two sets of twenty).  i'm doing them on non-yoga days.  i always laughed when i would see people on house hunters with a balance ball sitting in one of their rooms because i wondered how many times it was actually used.  now i own one.  i hope i prove myself wrong and use it! i go back february 17th so i better get cracking.

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  1. Even though I am a sweaty mover/shaker and you are not so much, I think strength training is extremely important. It's good for your bones! On that note, there's a girl that does bootcamp with me (well she's not so much a girl as a woman), and she has done yoga her whole life. On some exercises she kicks my butt!

    I think what you're doing is awesome - it's good for you to switch things up and get outta your comfort zone a little bit