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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

celebration: valentine's day

i know that not everyone likes the idea of valentine's day but i do.  we keep it simple and take the day to enjoy each other's company.  i lucked out that my husband had work related stuff to do in the suburbs and was home by the time i got home from work.  our big plans for the night was a romantic dinner at five guys.  dinner at five guys on valentine's day is awesome for a variety of reasons:

1.  i got to wear sweatpants so long as they were the ones that made my caboose look good (my husband did not use the word 'caboose' when describing them but i decided to spare you)

2. for the first two thirds of our meal we were the only people in the restaurant.  i told my husband that it was really sweet of him to rent out the restaurant just for me.  in case you're wondering who else goes to five guys on valentine's day, you get another youngish couple who carry out, grandparents with their grandkids giving mom and dad the night off, and a single guy who is probably too smart to get wrapped up in the hubbub and just wanted a good burger.

3. dinner costs less than $21.00 and is covered by the money i won in my super bowl squares.

4. cheeseburgers and french fries are so delicious.

5. your husband thinks your awesome for wanting burgers and fries for valentine's day.

6. their decor is red and white so it is a festive atmosphere.

besides rocking out the five guys we did one of our favorite activities (ew, not that.  get your mind out of the gutter for heaven's sake).  i mean watching tv.  i'm not sure if alcatraz and hidden city are the most romantic of shows but we were entertained.  for dessert we taste compared brach's versus sweethearts conversations hearts.  brach's won but we decided that both were the perfect amount of chalkiness.  i added valentine's day candy corn and jelly beans to the mix along with brownie mix pudding.  not mixed together though.  that draws a line even by my standards.  it resulted in my teeth having that awesome film they get when copious amounts of sugar is consumed.

i went to bed with a tummy full of yummies and a heart full of love.  a happy valentine's day?  mission accomplished.

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  1. A Five Guys recently opened up where we live and I really want to try it - I've heard great things!

    I love conversation hearts! My husband calls them chalk candy and he's not a fan, but they're one of my favorites!