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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

yoga 1

earlier this week i went to yoga 1 with a friend.  it was her first ever yoga experience.  she had back surgery twice by the time she was 30.  i guess i talk about yoga a lot and she decided to try it.  i was impressed right off the bat that she wanted to try a class for her first yoga exposure.  i spent months in my spare bedroom with dvd's because i was sure that i wasn't good enough to touch the floor in a yoga studio.  she continued to impress me once we got to class.  as a culture i feel that we push, push, push to be perfect even when it isn't good for us.  i know i've felt that i'm not going to not attempt the advanced posture or take a rest when it was the right decision because i want to do yoga perfectly.  my friend, she took a break when she needed it and made up her own posture when the one demonstrated in class didn't feel right.  i was so proud of her.  she was practicing yoga.  i don't think she understood how much she 'got' yoga.  she did what felt good and safe and that was all that mattered.  i was a bit jealous of the fact that she's never been exposed to yoga dvd's or online to see all the beautiful, bendy people.  her only expectations were to enjoy the class and do something to make her back feel good.  she can't wait to for her next class.

i was wondering if i would learn anything in yoga 1.  i learned so much more than i ever imagined. 

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