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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

inspiration: my gram

i feel so blessed to have grandparents in my life.  i lost my grandpa over the summer.  my mom's mom is the only grandparent i have left.  she's 96 and absolutely amazing.  she defies the laws of logic.  she lives alone in a second floor condo, she drives (she has to take a yearly driver's test and failed last year's for speeding.  the reason?  'no one goes 30 in a 30').  she walks on her treadmill and recently had my dad assemble a new one.  she watches jeopardy, does crosswords, participates in my husband's NCAA bracket, and if you play cards with her she'll probably win.  she has a more active social life than i do.  she plays cards with her friends and participates in her church senior's group.  when she and her friends go places she drives and lifts their walkers out of the trunk.  she doesn't have one herself.  she wants to be buried with a loaf of bread and loves coffee cake.  she's never without her rosary beads.  my mom says there's nothing worse than a reformed Catholic.  she's a depression baby and grew up poor.  like poor, poor.  she's amazing. 

a few week before Christmas she fell and broke her hip.  she managed to scoot to the phone and called for help using the 'i've fallen and i can't get up' line.  she freaks out in the hospital the first night because she doesn't have her rosary beads.  she has surgery, she goes to rehab but doesn't miss Christmas Eve with the family, she has occupational therapy and physical therapy, she keeps losing those darn rosary beads and my dad has to find them.  she works and works and she's going home on saturday.  home meaning up the set of 15 stairs.  she's amazing.

i practice yoga, watch jeopardy, do my crossword puzzle on sunday mornings and eat copious amounts of bread as an investment in my future.  if it works for her, i pray it works for me.  if family history is any indication, i may live for a long time.  i want to be well enough to enjoy it.  i'm truly blessed to have such an inspiration.  have i mentioned that she's amazing?

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