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Friday, June 8, 2012

friday: letters

once again i'm linking up with ashley for friday's letters:

friday's letters

dear railroad:

a freight train has come through a few days this week at four right as i'm leaving work.  this is not convenient.  please stop.

dear boston celtics:

way to eff it up last night.

dear lebron:

you will never be michael.

dear nba:

i'm pretty sure you're fixed.  it just seemes too convenient that there will be a game 7 over the weekend.

dear self:

when did you become a dude?

dear king louie's softball game:

i really should be in bed at 9:30 tonight.  please be quick and preferably give us a win.

dear last night's yoga class:


dear weekend:

i won't have a lot of time to chill out.  please remind me to have fun at this weekend's events and not be bitter that i'm not on the couch with king louie depleting our dvr.

have a good one!!

~poptart yogini~


  1. It sucks you won't have a lot of time to chill out over the weekend, hope you can find some xo

  2. I'm not a LeBron fan either. I used to intern at the Sonics (grr OKC) and when he was a rookie acted like such ass to fans - didn't sign anything and ignored little kids. The Cavs had even won! Shaq on the other hand was amazing - so nice to everyone, gave everyone time to get a pic, signature, etc. And his team had a bad loss! I've always kind of hated LeBron since then.

  3. Hope you can manage to have fun this weekend! :)

  4. Totally feel you on this whole busy weekend thing! I am very much looking forward to sleeping in on Sunday and relaxing all day. Saturday is going to be crazy busy for us!

  5. Lol about lebron! I just followed you today, since I love your blog. Can't wait for more! Check out mine when you get a chance @ http://mostwhatmatters.blogspot.com

  6. Hope you had a great weekend and remembered to relax!!! :)
    Hope the sb game went well :)