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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

town: home tour

after church on sunday king louie and i took my parents on a walk around our neighborhood.  we all live in the same town but in two different neighborhoods.  the town was built up around the railroad in the mid to late 1800's.  the closer you are to downtown the more interesting the houses are.  no two houses are alike and many are blessed with a ton of character.  my dad's mom and her sister used to make up words.  one of theses words is "funtazeering'.  funtazeer (v.): to pass the time dreaming about the future.  do you sit around a dream about a trip to europe? if so, you funtazeer.  king louie and i spend a lot of time funtazeering about which house we would buy if money was no object.  we have no idea what these houses look like on the inside but sometimes we take walks at dusk hoping that people will have their lights on and curtains open so we can take a peek.  this is more than likely illegal and some day we will probably be arrested for it but until then it is good, harmless fun.  want to take a look at our funtazeered houses?  here we go (i have to apologize for the glare in some of these photos.  the sun was not working in my favor):

 i love this house because of the red front door and this porch on the back.  i'm pretty sure there's a double sided stone fire place too.  amazing.

a gingerbread house.  it was recently renovated and just so charming.

 this house speaks to me.  i'm so sure that the great gatsby lives there.  i can all but hear the jazz music when i walk by.

it is nearly impossible for me to do this house justice.  it is like a doll's house.  it goes on forever back there and i'd love to spend summer nights eating dinner in that screened porch.

 this is king louie's favorite.  he says it is unattainable.  the sun was really giving me problems when i tried to take a picture but trust me it is a stunner.  circa 1870.

this house is new construction but blends in so well with the neighborhood.  the town is no where near what charleston is like but this house reminds me of a lot of the newer houses i saw when i was there.  sadly, we do not have the ocean.

and for my dad, a chicago bungalow.  he grew up in one and always wanted one of his own.  at least he can look at this charmer.

to be honest, i'm a little disappointed on how this post turned out.  i feel like i couldn't do these houses justice and that is probably because i'm not the best photographer and i felt a little awkward stopping in the middle of the street and taking pictures of houses.  i hope you enjoyed.  if you're super interested, please feel free to visit and bring your walking shoes.  i give a heckuva tour.


  1. i love this! my hubs and i do this, too... usually online... i'll send him links of million dollar mansions and say i want it. haha

  2. isn't that always the case with beautiful homes? hard to capture properly on camera. when A lived in milwaukee, we'd drive around the really nice neighborhoods and drool over the beautiful homes, like in your post. it's fun to funtazeer about fancy homes with nice fireplaces and screened in porches :)

  3. Gorgeous! When hubby and I first started dating, we crashed many Open Houses just to walk through them and dream about a future home. So fun :)

    I think your pictures were beautiful.

  4. Gorgeous homes and photos. I think my favorite is the same as King Louie's :)

  5. What lovely homes! I love going on house websites and looking at the $$$ houses and dreaming...

  6. Can I move into your neighborhood?!! I will accept any one of those houses!!