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Monday, April 2, 2012

rudeness: hair cut

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when i graduated law school i had hair down to my bra strap.  it was summertime when i got my first real law job.  i'd shower in the morning, put my wet hair in a bun and go about my day.  i knew that when fall came i'd have to do something differently.  i couldn't go out in the cold with wet hair and i wasn't willing to take the time to blow dry.  i'd always wanted to cut my hair short and one day i made the very scary phone call to make that happen.  i didn't tell anyone.  i was living at home but said i had to work late that night.  king louie was clueless.  the stylist was just talking to me when she pulled my hair into a ponytail and made a huge cut.  it was incredible.  she was very considerate of the fact that i may not like it and cut it in a way that growing it back out would be very easy.  however, i loved my hair short and over the years have figured out the cut that is just right for me.  my hair is styled in a super short pixie.  my stylist actually uses the same foot that my dad uses on the electric razor (a #3 if you're wondering).  i don't have to worry about blow drying my hair now.  i haven't used a dryer in years. 

i had a hair appointment on friday.  i love haircut day.  i feel like it is a fresh start.  i see the past eight weeks falling to the floor when i get my hair cut.  i was waiting for my cut when a woman sat down while her manicure dried.  she asked me if i was there for a hair cut.  i said yes and she asked where.  i get it, by most people's standards my hair is short and wouldn't need a cut.  i explained that for me my hair was long and was in desperate need of a good trim.  i told her the above story and she looked at me and said 'so the whole reason your hair is short is because you're too lazy to dry it?'  i wasn't sure what to say to that but said that was part of it but also because i thought it looked good.  i'm a firm believer in 'if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all'.  she was perfectly entitled to not like my hair.  i don't like everyone else's hair.  in fact, if i had the haircut of the woman in the chair before me i would have cried.  i also wouldn't have gone up to her and ask why she cut her hair that way.  after she left, i told my stylist about my encounter.  she said that the woman was known as 'miss cold' so i guess i'm not the only one who has had a run in.  she was the kind of person who wore a bluetooth to get her nails done.  you know the type.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that you had an unfortuante run-in with this woman! But I'm glad you like your haircut, and it's YOUR hair, so enjoy it :) I bet you look beautiful no matter how your hair is cut. I would like to see some pictures on this blog though!

  2. Dang! Who cares if it's because you don't like to dry your hair or not?! That lady has no spot to be commenting. At all.

    I'm like you and HATE drying my hair - or styling it, for that matter. I usually shower at night, will wash my hair a few times a week and let it dry overnight. If it's really messy, I'll straighten it but usually I just leave it flowy - so easy!

    Also bluetoothing while getting your nails done? Man, lady, just disconnect for a few minutes and enjoy the nail time! Glad you aren't paying her much heed.

  3. Oh my god - what a bey-otch! I don't know when people decided that being rude was just "being real" but I am not a fan of people who don't have a filter. I'm sure your hair looks beautiful on you. Women who can pull off short hair (like Michelle Williams) are always very femine, lovely women I think.

  4. People like that lady need to learn to keep their stupid mouths shut. Maybe their opinions matter to someone, but not to me.

  5. Aw that's no good I'm sorry! What a jerk!