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Monday, February 13, 2012

success: makeup challenge

a few weeks ago i decided to shake up my beauty routine and by shake up i meant establish one.  i challenged myself to wear make up once a weekend.  on saturday, my husband and i went out to dinner to celebrate valentine's day.  a few years ago we went to our favorite deli and it became a tradition to go there the weekend before valentine's day.  so, before we left i popped in my contacts without too much trouble.  contacts kind of stress me out.  i'm really nervous when things get near my eyes.  when i first got my contacts i actually had to wake up early because i would always blink.  i tried soft contacts once at the doctor's office and that was enough for me.  i got them in without a problem and then laughed in their faces when they told me i had to stick my finger in my eye to get them out.  anyway, that's a long, boring story about my history with contacts.  i went pretty easy with the cosmetics for my first go around.  i'm not a big fan of foundation on my face.  i never feel like it blends well and i feel like while it is supposed to be concealing, it draws out my skin's flaws.  i brushed on a little powder instead and that seemed to do the job.  when i chose my eye shadow i wanted to go neutral because anything else would be way too much of a contrast from how i normally look.  perhaps i'm more bold than i give myself credit for because i was disappointed that i couldn't see it at all.  if i'm going through the effort i at least want to be able to see it!  then i used my good friend mascara.  i love mascara.  i have long upper eye lashes and mascara makes them look sky high.  on the other hand, i have no bottom lashes.  next time (hey, i think i'll have a next time.  that's a good sign) i think i'll skip the bottom lashes.  the mascara just ended up smudging on my cheek.  on my lips i just used a chap stik with shimmer.  baby steps.  in all i thought i looked pretty darn cute.  i didn't feel too much different than usual but i think i walked with a little bit of swagger.  i was definitely the cutest one in the restaurant.  my husband didn't even notice at first.  i think that means he's so blinded with love that he doesn't see my exterior he just sees me.  in all honesty, i think he thinks i'm beautiful.  all of me as i am, no enhancement necessary.  on the flip side of that, it was kind of fun and made the evening feel special.  i hope to keep up the weekend makeup experiment and branch out with my cosmetic choices.  to sum up, i feel lucky that i feel as special with makeup as without but am glad i'm giving myself the chance to play dress up.  i kind of missed it.

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  1. i've found that a shimmery gray (i just use maybeline) eye shadow gives a bit of a hue but not too much. it's fun to experiment! isn't it funny how just a touch of makeup (or lip gloss or mascara) will make you feel more confident? i think it's because we're taking time to take pride in ourselves (not that we don't when we don't wear makeup) - but because we spent extra time putting on colors, we feel more confident. just my 2 cents!